Race 4 Is On The List

Race has been a popular franchise with a wide fan base. All the three sequels have been full of action, suspense and tons of surprises. Every time Race came with a twist.

Two characters of this movie have always remained the same until the recent part, Anil Kapoor the detective and Saif Ali Khan the hero. However, in the third sequel, Saif was nowhere to be seen and fans were disappointed about that. What is a Race sequel without Saif in it?

We saw Salman Khan replacing Saif and in the third sequel, we again saw, Jacqueline Fernandez from the second part. Although, this time Race disappointed the audience and it made its way to popularity more for its nonsensical story and hilarious dialogues instead of the famous plot-twist story-line, which this franchise is famous for.

Google even declared Salman Khan the worst actor of Bollywood after this movie, yikes!

It failed to make its place into the audience’s heart but on the box office it still ruled. Probably, Salu Bhai’s fan following or people too thrilled to see Bobby Deol’s transformation to Body Deol.

People were not pleased and this surely was a let down to the Race family.

But hold on, you thought Race ends here? You’re wrong! There is quite a chance we might witness Race 4.

Race 4 will definitely be produced but the script will be decided before; right now nothing is decided,”Ramesh Taurani confirmed.

“Of course, it will not be significantly shorter but what it will be is the lowest budget 300 crore film in Bollywood history, despite the fact that Salman Khan will, of course, get a commission.”

Other than this he also announced that Salman will be a part of that sequel as well.

Can somebody please tell him we want to see Saif Ali Khan back on screen and not Salman. Some roles just don’t suit anyone and in this case, Salman is not one of the best person to be casted in this film.


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