Farhan Saeed PTI’s Campaign Voice

The Suno Chanda star initially started his journey as a singer, he still sings but has taken up acting too. With the hype regarding the elections and all the mayhem that has been created, be it on social media or faceoffs. It’s safe to say everyone is under a lot of pressure.

The youth’s favorite party, Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf (PTI) has bagged yet another face from the industry. Previously, Hamza Ali Abbasi has been seen updating statuses and talking pro-PTI seems like now someone else will be joining his eagerness that PTI should be the next one to lead our country.

As we all are aware, every election season, we see artists get charged up with political assiduity even if they don’t know the ABC of politics yet they’ll be seen talking about it. This time, singer/actor Farhan Saeed will be seen among that rank.

As the singer met PTI’s chairman, none other than Imran Khan and has been appointed to sing their official song for elections this year.

This year there seems to be no stopping Farhan Saeed.

Farhan Saeed’s songs usually are sad or slow, Pii jaon, Halka halka suroor these songs have a tune which is melodious but at the same time, not something that would leave us pumped up or spark some kind of enthusiasm instead they just play with our emotional strings.

However, we all know how these election songs make sure to get the awaam jazbati. Lets see if Farhan is able to achieve that. The song is said to be released this week.

Two things though-

Where’s Hamza Ali Abbasi? We await for his tweet! Secondly, do we see Farhan Saeed’s name coming up in Reham Khan’s book as well? That book surely always has something amusing to make it to the news, maybe this plan was done years back and revealed right now whereas Reham Khan knew about it all along.



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