Riri’s Flirty Makeup Tip Revealed

It is always a hassle when going on a date, especially first date. If you talk about date culture not happening in Pakistan, you’re probably living in a bubble.

One just does not know what to wear, how to wear and more importantly how much to wear! Is Red lip color too loud or is Nude a bit too safe? All these second thoughts running through one’s mind. This is one struggle every girl goes through, be it a date or even an important meeting. What and how’s are crucial at every point.

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However, we give you one expert trick that is tried and tested by none other than Rihanna herself.

During the L.A. reveal of the new Kilawatt Foils, Fenty Beauty global makeup artists Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal shared Rihanna’s personal highlight techniques, including one especially great for enhancing your allure.

While highlight is traditionally used on the high points of the face, cheekbones, cupid’s bow and nose, there’s one spot you’re probably missing: the ears!

“Anything that’s exposed, we loving putting highlight or shimmer on,” said Hector. “Anything I do on the face, I do on the ears. if you’re flirting and you just want to slowly tuck your hair behind an ear,” Hector suggested, it can make an impact.

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Don’t get it? Wondering how does this work? It’s as simple and easy as it sounds. First thing first who are we to question Riri’s way?

There’s primer, in case the night goes long. Matte lipstick, so pigment doesn’t budge. And, there’s highlight, so your face can glow in all the right places. Now picture this- You’re on a date. It’s a candlelight affair. The low light not only glimmers across your cheek in a subtly striking way, but as you turn your head, the light reflects off your ears as well, giving you an illuminating, goddess-like glow.

Has that picture painted in your head? Now tell us, that setting and you tuck your hair behind your ear, give a smile to your potential prince charming on the other end only for him to witness your pulpy lips and glowy ears and cheeks. Won’t that gesture be enough to set that flirty mood on?

No wonder the Umbrella star is so particular regarding her highlighter game. Also, now that you know this trick you cannot un-see this in any of her appearances anymore.



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