Your Perfect Man Escape Spot!

Let that man-go literally! If not for life then at least for a week let all those men go away from life as you go on an all-girls trip! Now, you might be having in mind a chick flick movie and thinking men will still be there. Well, no ladies. Over here I’m talking about a complete get away from those male species and being around beautiful women.

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What? Where? How? Supershe Island, an all women experience in the Baltic Sea off the coast of Finland, has finally arrived. Supershe is made up of “activists, athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, philosophers, scientists, and more,” to bring women together.

This no-man island has all the perfect things to give you the time of your life. Yoga classes, facials, massage, bathing-suit-optional saunas, fine dining, you name it and you got it here! The cherry on top is you’ll get to meet all these amazing women and connect with them.

However, did I mention that not everyone can just go? You need to have the money to cover that expensive(Will be worth it!) and also get on to Roth’s favorite side. The cost for a week will run you anywhere from $4300-$7,500 and of the approximately 7,000 women that applied, only about 140 were selected by Roth herself. Talk about an exclusive club. If you got selected and your bff didn’t, will you still go?

Roth announced in February she would be hosting “the world’s first all-women resort island,” weekly from June through September, to promote wellness that comes when women spend quality time together. “SuperShe Island works to connect women from all over the world with different backgrounds to inspire each other,” Roth said. According to her site, SuperShe Island is a “safe space where women can come together to reinvent themselves and their desires.”

Obviously, there are critics who are taking advantage of the “if men did this society would freaking lost their shit,” narrative. But Roth has that one covered. “You can focus on ‘no men’ or you can focus on ‘for women’ and it’s really your choice,” Roth says. “I say, ‘for women’.”

I know if I go to this Island I shall keep my phone disconnected when it says all women I don’t even want to hear a man’s voice till the time I’m there.



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