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Lux Girls Reema, Mahira, Maya Are #FansOfEachOther

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Lux has yet again set the bar to new standards with its grand reveal of their latest advertisement and breath-taking celebrity endorsement.

In its new campaign #FansofEachOther, the brand has managed to conquer the hearts and minds of its consumers by bringing together Pakistan’s most popular superstars Reema Khan, Mahira Khan and Maya Ali. The popular starlets promoted the new campaign by writing affectionate letters to each other which were full of love, support and praise proving that superstars too can be good friends and supportive of each other’s success.

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“This campaign is a special one as it brings together three of the biggest stars of our industry. These girls love, support and respect each other and are the true embodiment of the ‘Fans of Each Other’ concept,” said Asima Haq, the Marketing Director of Unilever Pakistan Limited. “Our main message here is that these girls are pitched against each other and made to sound like they are rivals when in reality they not only praise each other but are genuinely happy with each other’s success. The ads beautifully portray the #FansOfEachOther mantra as each LUX girl writes and receives a beautiful letter of appreciation from their co-star for all that they’ve achieved and how they inspire them to do more. We’re all fans of someone but seeing the stars being supportive and appreciative of each other is heart-warming and conveys a message of positivity of our growing industry.”

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The three LUX films were displayed on the big screen along with other behind the scene videos highlighting the story that led to the making of the commercials.

The Raees superstar, Mahira Khan penned down her thoughts and feelings towards the iconic, Reema Khan. In the letter, Mahira expressed that she idolizes Reema for her style, work ethic, sheer determination and glorious accomplishments over the years.

The living legend, Reema Khan wrote a letter to the youngest superstar of our industry Maya Ali, commending her for the hard work she has managed to do and achieving success at such a young age.

In a letter, our Teefa girl Maya Ali revealed she is the biggest fan of Mahira Khan and is inspired by her hardwork and her international achievements (just like the rest of us).

The glamorous star-studded soiree was held at The Deli in Karachi which was gorgeously decked up with floral garlands and fragranced ornaments creating a true LUX experience for the guests.

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Our Lux girls hung out together, posed for the media and had a fun Q & A session with the charming host, Zara Peerzada.

The trio is in love with the new Lux fragrance, enriched with a floral oil that enables soft skin and refreshes you with its enchanting scent.

The new variants include:

  • Velvet Touch with the exotic smell of jasmine and almond oil,
  • Fresh Splash with the power of water lily and mint,
  • Soft Touch infused with Floral Fusion Oil and the scent of French rose,
  • Purple Lotus for fans of Jojoba Oil and Gardenia.

The three Lux films were conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson Pakistan and directed by Asim Raza of the Vision Factory, which were unveiled at the event organised by RAKA events.



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