Sanjay Dutt’s Daughter Maintains Silence On “Sanju”

The record-breaking biopic of Bollywood’s bad boy Sanjay Dutt has everyone talking about it, except his daughter.

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“Sanju” has been playing to jam-packed cinemas even after the first week of its release and has been receiving some amazing reviews from critics and celebrities. While everyone is all praises for Ranbir’s performance and Sanjay’s life’s struggle, his otherwise active and loving daughter, Trishala Dutt has not given any comments regarding the film.

Trishala Dutt is Sanjay’s daughter from his first wife, the late Richa Sharma and has always been a part of her father’s life. The possible reason for her silence on “Sanju”  is rumored to be the disclusion of her mother Richa and her from the movie.

Richa who was Sanjay’s first love had a major role to play in the actor’s life. The US raised singer met Sanjay when she landed in Mumbai seeking a career in Bollywood. The two fell in love at first sight and got married.

Soon after welcoming their baby girl Trishala, Richa was diagnosed with cancer and moved to NewYork for her treatment. However, after winning her battle with cancer when Richa returned home, she found her husband allegedly romancing with another actress and filing for divorce. Heartbroken, Richa returned to the US and died 3 years later.

How Raju Hirani failed to even remotely mention this huge chapter of Sanjay’s life in his biopic is truly shocking and raises questions about the agenda behind the film. The missing aspect has been mentioned by a few critics as well but brushed down under all the praises. And if Trishala is upset about the incomplete portrayal of Sanjay’s life in the movie, we think its justified.


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