Mira Hacks and Creates Shahid Kapoor’s Memes

Many say couples who post more on social media are less likely that happy in their relationship hence all those posts are pretense. But what if a spouse takes over the other spouse’s account? Yes, hack their account and give everyone a good laugh?

Parents of one, second on the way, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Kapoor are young, fun and madly in love! It shows when one looks at them, they’re comfortable in their own skin when together there is no hesitation between them and we love that! Couples should be like that even after kids and years of marriage.

Happy holidays

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So, what did this couple do this time? Mira took over her husband’s Instagram handle and not only did she entertain us but made memes out of her husband’s daily life actions and amused us to the cure. Shahid has one creative, fun and full of sense of humour, wife. Shahid, you lucky man surely you must be having a pretty happening life.

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So what did Mrs. Shahid do? She posted her own selfie where Shahid is visible in the background. “Insta trakeover by me. What is he doing at the back?” she wrote. What followed were various photos of Shahid with hilarious captions to go with his expressions. Basically, she made memes out of his pictures. The photos are from Shahid shooting for his upcoming film, Batti Gul Meter Chalu.

She surely was in a playful mood.

Did you notice him at the back, before?

It is hard to come up with captions right there and then. Got to give it to Mira that was impressive.

That look we all have when we are called for that extra class or have to work even on a holiday.

This surely is that, ” today I don’t feel like doing anything,” move and look.

Shahid Kapoor’s, just chill-ing.

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When everything works out and you’re having the time of your life.


Yaaaas, Mira keep on taking over Shahid’s account like this. See even he agrees!


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