Play The Monday Blues Away

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Mondays are not our favorite; surely you’re sailing in the same boat as us. Leaving that warm bed to run the errands, if that isn’t tragedy then I don’t know what is. Especially with summer vacations around, waking up for work while watching your younger siblings sleep peacefully is plain torture.

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If you’re like me who hates Mondays the back to reality day (What I call Monday) then you should add these songs in your playlist and listen to them! They’re definitely cheap but that is exactly how they work, they’ll instantly put you in a good mood. Don’t ask how just know that they do!

P.S- If you’re too high class for Bollywood songs then please don’t waste your time here.

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Party da mood

Call me crazy if you like but this song always makes me want to dance! This right away makes me want to get up and I’m sure this shall  have the same effect on you.

Main mast kudi

Cannot get over this one. Might just give you the laugh you need on a sucky Monday.

Itna na mujh se tu

Weekend is singing this song to you. Hear it out and connect the dots.

Double addi

The line goes, “tu hun thakan waali lagdi nae,”  (you don’t seem like the type to get tired). So, what’s stopping the unstoppable you?

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Mere dushman tu meri

This is originally sung by Rafi but I like this version better- don’t hate me, you may agree to disagree. However, this song is the perfect definition of mocking! Mondays remind us of all the bad in life, whereas this song says, “may karma be with you.” Always makes me smile whenever I think of all the bad and then hear this, get a bit of comfort that yes, tables shall turn.

aap yahaan aye kis liye

Seriously, Monday, why are you here?


Make this song your motivation for Mondays. Ladies, you don’t need a man to take care of your expenses. Men, work for yourself and earn some comfort for the old age.

Punjab Trend

This mashup shall work as coffee for you!

Havana/ Bom Diggy/ Ban Ja Rani/ No Lie- Mash up

Just the right amount of all these great songs to uplift your mood.

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