Karachi Waits For The #Raining Trend To Begin

Karachi is HOT, literally! The weather here has got us craving for that monsoon rain or even a thunderstorm rain; honestly we don’t care as long as it rains. God knows, this city needs some raining over it. Even drizzling gets us excited while we wait for the big rain drops only to be disappointed. Talk about life, unpredictable.

Whenever it rains, all us cousins go out for a drive and the first song we put on is, barsaat key mausam main. What is your favorite rain song? If you’re in Karachi, sadly seems like you have to wait a while now to hear that song with rain or maybe if you’re up for late night drives then you might witness few raindrops- that to if you’re lucky enough.

While we await for god to shower us with his blessing lets burn our hearts out with these rain tweets and pray that we get a chance to flood our social media with, “it’s raining!” statuses.

Stop making the rainy season so sad.

Oh, boy. Lets hope when it rains here the sewerage system does its work.

Cannot wait to post this!

This is all us Karachites, whenever we get the news it’s raining we always ask, “kidher? kis area main?


When will the heatwave spell be broken?

Come to, Karachi.

We’d happily wear these if only it actually rains here!

Can it please rain in Karachi, so we could post something too?

Describes us, right there.

Please god, help me grow.

Just what the sky is doing with us. Teasing us since 27902727326 days.


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