Rants Of A Wedding Host

Weddings are our favorite occasion, especially if it’s of someone who is close to us. The party begins day before the actual function, dance practices, the crazy chaos, last minute errands and what not. For couple of weeks or lets say for at least a month we run around like headless chickens. First we are anxiously waiting for events to begin so we get done with it and once it’s all over that’s when we want to rewind the time. We humans are just never satisfied.

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Recently, my cousin got married and it was one crazyyyy ride however there are a couple of things I noticed and thought to guide everyone out there about things they should NOT do at a wedding.

  • This is a firsthand experience and everything stated below is a personal occurrence which was not acceptable but had to be accepted. Also, this is MY personal opinion.

Don’t self invite

A close knitted family affair, where everyone was invited personally and it was said out loud that only those who are invited should come but did that stop people? Oh, no. There were few who protested oh so you won’t invite us? Whereas others said we know it’s for the young lot but aren’t we young? Few just came in unannounced, everyone was surprised to see them.

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This makes things really awkward, please understand- if you’re not invited then please don’t impose yourself, the hosts might invite you out of courtesy but that does not mean they want you there.

Listen to the instructions

When mentioned- no kids allowed, please respect that. Everything is said for a reason!

If you bring in your little ones that might just cause problems with the arrangements and also for others who left their kids at home only to come and see there are children at the event and then the hosts have to face the music. It is also disrespectful. If for any reason you have to bring in your kids, inform the hosts beforehand, please.

Too much to handle                  


There is so much happening that one cannot give undivided attention to all and at times one even snaps, don’t take that personally. One of my cousin who had to be invited was completely forgotten to give out an invitation to, and she out of decency didn’t even show up on two events.

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Things like these happen, why yes, it was bad at the same time it wasn’t intentional so please forgive and forget. As mentioned earlier, everyone is just running around like a headless chicken and at times loses track of things.

Meet & greet

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There are sooo many guests at the wedding and yes, at times one misses out on few people, honest mistake.

That does not mean you come up to the person and go like you didn’t meet me, you can just come up and meet them yourself. If you play the I’m elder than you card then please know, age doesn’t matter your etiquette does.

Time management

Where the hosts are blamed for being late please know that you’re the reason the function begins late.

We live in a culture where it’s believed if you call them at 8 they’ll show up at 9. With such mindsets what can one do?

You know what you’re in for

Mehendi’s are my personal favorite! And I know majority shall agree with me that it’s their favorite too. Please don’t ruin someone’s favorite event like that.

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It is a mehendi, there will be dances and yes, now girls have guy friends and they might just dance with them. Maybe not acceptable for you but it has become a norm. If you think you’ll be having issues with watching your girls dance with guys and in front of guys then please don’t stay back till the end. If you do, then don’t make things embarrassing for the rest. Yes, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you surely cannot enforce that on anyone else. Also, don’t be offended if someone calls you out on it or answers back.

Babies cry

Please, be easy on the mothers. It is not an easy task to take care of infants.

When you hear a baby crying and see the mother having a tough time, don’t taunt, don’t give out advice, and don’t compare your kid with hers. Getting disturbed? Move from that place.

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Keep your personal conflicts at home

Keep your personal conflicts aside; it is NOT your day!

Hear this out once and for all, nobody cares if you’re having a bad day or whatever the reason is, that you’re in a sucky mood. This day is about the couple; let the spotlight be on them instead of going on whining over why you’re in a terrible temper. Keep all that aside and enjoy the show.

Don’t steal the thunder

No matter how close you’re to the couple, you’re still NOT the bride.

Curtail your happiness while dressing up, sure go crazy on the event, dance, laugh, do as you please but please do not overdress. Let the bride look like the bride on her big day instead of you. Sure dress up and look great but don’t steal the bride’s thunder. That ain’t right.

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Do not touch the bride

The bride is already so decked up; wearing heavy clothes, jewelry and makeup the last thing she wants is more extra weight on her. Keep your distance, just smile and shake her hand if you really want to touch her.

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Why ‘m I saying this? During my cousin’s wedding someone kissed the bride’s cheek and she had an orange-ish magenta color lip stain on her cheek. That, was really not welcoming. Although yes, if you’re her mother, best friend or sister then obviously this does not apply on you although still, be careful.

Clothing discussion

I wore a saree only to hear, “your grandfather isn’t here hence the saree.”

People please know that, everyone comes from their own home; they’re wearing what they’re wearing ‘cause they can and their family has no objection then who are you? Honestly, one such comment can ruin your entire function even if you get countless other compliments.

Ditch the heel

It’s hard- Period.

I ditched my heels and so did few others, because why not? We are under no obligation to look our 100% all the time and we need some break too!

Free food ONLY for you

Surely, it is free for you but someone else is paying even keeping this aside, wasting food is not good.

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Eat as much as you like, but please don’t waste it. If you planned on eating it but your taste buds don’t like it then what you can do is, take out a small portion, decide whether you like the food or not and only then take more.

Photo please

People who become a part of someone else’s group photo are the worst!

They might not say it, maybe out of courtesy they call you but please, kindly decline and don’t ruin their perfect family picture. In such occasions use your common sense. Secondly, it is not your wedding; let the photographer take the pictures of the bride and groom, capture all the moments instead of taking your portraits. Also, please be considerate and give the bride and groom some break in between all the photo sessions.

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Also, please respect the fact if someone asks you not to film them or take their pictures especially when they’re dancing, don’t do it.

Give space

The bride and groom need air to breathe- give them some space.

When the rituals begin that’s when the stage gets all crowded and nobody really cares that they have created a mob around the bride and groom. Those two poor humans have to gasp for air, but do the rest care? Oh, no.  People please; you have seen those customs so many times why watch it one more time? The closed ones understood but why have all these distant relatives all of a sudden become so close on the big day?




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