Don’t Make These Common Blunders While Concealing Those Pimples

don't make these mistakes, concealing dos and don'ts

Whenever there is a big event coming up an unexpected guest has to come, yes, you guessed that right; PIMPLES! Lord knows how they know when the worst time to come is and bam! There is one unwelcomed company on your face.

We may not be able to get rid of it but thanks to makeup we can hide it. If you can’t fight them join them same way if you can’t throw them away just know your way out to live with them. However, there are few mistakes which are very common while hiding those pimples away.

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Next time you plan on concealing the zit keep these pointers in mind and do NOT do them.

Got no time

Patience is the key, do not apply too much too fast. More you conceal cakeier your face gets unless you want a full caked up face with a different tone from the rest of the body please wait. It is necessary to stay for a bit and let the concealer settle onto your skin. Avoid sheering it right away.

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What goes first?


Remember, first foundation and then concealer. Foundation is less cakey; get your coverage from a foundation first. Why not concealer first? If you apply concealer before the foundation it won’t say it will slip off.

Primer what?

Would you wear shoes bigger than your size so they keep slipping off? No, right then why do the same with pimples? The pimples are often oily the concealer can slip off; hence it is vital to apply primer as it allows the concealer to stay for a longer time.

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Ditching Exfoliation

This is the first and most important tip- Exfoliate your face! Before covering any part of your face you need to have the base i.e your skin smooth, if you don’t exfoliate you’ll just have an uneven covering. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead cells easily. When you have uneven and dead cells on the skin, the makeup will not blend easily, making your face look cakey.

Dab dab &  no blend

Would you go out with one perfect winger liner and another one looking like a panda? I doubt you will. Blending is the key to achieving a flawless and stunning look. Once you have applied the concealer on the pigmented area, you should blend it properly so that it matches your skin tone. So, blend it for that perfect look.

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Why brush when you got fingers?

Do not, I repeat, do not use your fingers to conceal. There are makeup brushes for a reason! Concealer brushes allow you to get into the nooks and crannies around the pimples. Makeup sponges help to blend it seamlessly and the powder brushes help to keep your coverage in place. And keep in mind- DO NOT POP THE PIMPLES.

No time to clean dirty makeup brushes

Even if you don’t have the time, take out the time and clean those brushes. Dirty makeup brushes are off limits, when you won’t use your toothbrush if it has fallen on the floor then how can you use some dirty makeup brush on your face? You’re spreading bacteria on your face and all over your blemishes. Wondering why all of a sudden you’re getting all of those pimples? Using dirty brushes on your face increases the risk of pimples on your face.

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Color matters

When it comes to makeup, avoid using light colors on the face as it may work as a flashlight. You should find a shade as close as possible to your skin tone so that it blends well and also does not look over done.


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