Shan’s #OneBiryaniOneFamily TVC Gone Wrong

Shan always comes up with out of the box concepts for their advertisements and they succeed in taking the risk, unlike many other brands that play by the role and always have the same storyline. Shan on the other hand always surprises us with their concepts, however, been noticing Biryani masala is always their safe bet.

Shan’s ad which came out in 2015 went viral and bagged many praises, the concept was different, it was about two brothers far away from home. Then last year, surely you all remember the Chinese woman ad, where she’s in a foreign land to her and cooks biryani in order to break the ice.

The ads were good at their end, there were loopholes but since we have a new ad to analyze over we shall let those two go.

Shan’s recent ad #OneFamilyOneBiryani is being liked all over and people especially girls are going all gaga over the guy who cooks biryani in order to impress the girl’s family. If you haven’t seen this ad you’re probably living under a rock.

Shan Thematic 2018 – #OneBiryaniOneFamily

Sometimes perceptions can blind us to the truth, but Sacha Zaiqa goes straight to the heart! Witness how hearts are won in this epic encounter between Saalay and Daamad.The most anticipated campaign of the year is finally here! Press play#OneBiryaniOneFamily #SachaZaiqa

Posted by Shan Foods on Friday, July 6, 2018

First thing first- it is a 4-minute long ad. Advertisements should be maximum 1 minute – 1 minute few seconds long that is it. Such TVCs could be called short story films.

No doubt, Shan tried to get something that empowers women- men in the kitchen seems to be their idea of khana khud garam karo more like Shan is saying, khana khud banao. Good initiative. Now let us analyze this ad from a different perspective and point out the loopholes.

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Can any Punjabi please confirm this that when the larkey waaley are coming over do you guys really have the band baja ready for their welcome? I thought all this is only in movies and maybe this is an ad so I should not be going in such details but still, don’t you think this was too over the top?

When the brothers are coming down at that time if you notice, the frames on the wall have pictures of the brothers with their sister, no other female. Why is that so? Do Punjabi men not take pictures with their wives? Also, where is their dad in this baat paki scenario? The mamu is there but what about the dad?

When the guy from Karachi comes he has two other men accompanying him, where were they throughout the TVC? Did they just leave him on the door and didn’t even step in to meet and greet the girl’s family? Also, what is up with the brothers macho-ness in this ad? Makes me cringe.

Ghar aye mehmaan ko rulayega kya? And the oooooh that follows in the background, also if you have noticed they repeatedly mock the guy that he shall cry as if men cannot cry and if they do then it is a disgrace or a stain on their manliness. It’s the 21st century, one believes we are over the mard ko dard nae hota stigma.

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Also, what was up with those three photographs where bijii is holding biryani and her daughter in laws or her other sister in laws- that is unclear are looking at her in jealousy, all three pictures are portraits! Is the ad depicting that mother in law and daughter in law rivalry is so obvious and justified? That they won’t help each other grow but surely will want to put each other down.

Going through comments I came across one comment which objectified the employee being shown as a Pathan and that has offended few people out there. Also, isn’t the food supposed to be ready beforehand, who cooks last minute especially on an occasion like this?

It is a long ad and I cannot cover all aspects but I’ll end this analysis on the key ingredient to this ad- man in the kitchen. That was a good idea gone wrong, how he cooked is a different story lets talk about the approach of those brothers.

  • First, they degrade that guy because he is not macho enough and then they appreciate the very same guy for doing something that according to them is not the man’s job. Talk about double standards.
  • All of a sudden the other elements which held a lot of importance previously become irrelevant.
  • To be called sher ka bacha all you need to do is please the opposite party anyhow, whether by being rough or tough or making your way through their stomach.

This being said, is it necessary if one is from Karachi he has to know how to cook biryani, that too a delicious one? Can somebody please tell me what is the potential groom’s occupation, since that guy never got an production all we kept hearing was about the girl’s side of the family.

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Also, where were the women of the house when the guy came, aren’t the bhabhi’s supposed to meet their nand’s honay waala shohar? Forget meeting, what about at the dining table, the cook is gone all they get is that biryani so won’t the ladies eat? Why are they nowhere to be seen at the dining table or do they eat after the men are done eating? Talk about progressive TVC.


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