Model Breastfeeding Her Child While Walking On Ramp

Where there is still debate whether top feed is better or breast feeding also if women should publicly breastfeed or not. Many are shamed if seen breast feeding in open since that is among-st those few times when all of a sudden all the haaya and parade comes into existence and the reason behind that act is all forgotten because first respect then doesn’t matter if the child keeps crying due to hunger.

Mara Martin was one of 16 finalists taking part in Sports Illustrated’s Miami Swim Week fashion show on Sunday night. She stunned everyone walking the runway in a golden, one-shouldered bikini—oh, and did you know she was breastfeeding her 5-month-old baby throughout the whole thing? Now that’s one working woman putting all to shame who say a working woman cannot look after her kids and that she neglects her kids. Here’s a slap on their face!

The baby modeled with mom as the diaper had a green underwear on it and the momma made sure the music does not harm those tiny eardrums and hence had all the arrangements done.

It was not at all vulgar for those of you wondering; no extra skin was shown! Instead this gave such fuzzy warm feeling to see something like that on a modelling ramp.

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This model surely will never be forgotten. You go girl!



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