Tips To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh

It’s getting hot in Pakistan, and the heat surely isn’t helping. And let’s face it neither does our makeup like the heat and humidity of this country. We thought why not help you with these tips and tricks to keep your makeup from melting off.

Sunblock It

It is very important to use sunscreen throughout the day. Not only will this protect you from the sun, but it will also help in making your makeup last for longer. Just make sure use one that it oil-free.


This can be your new best friend. If you want to feel cool and refreshed all day long its best to keep a face mist on you all the time. Not only will this keep feeling fresh, but it will also aid in boosting your makeup, making is last longer.


If your face tends to get oily and sweaty whenever you step out, make sure to keep blotting papers with you at all time to remove excess oil from your face. These papers will remove all the oils whilst leaving your makeup fresh.


If you do need to contour then don’t use cream contours. Cream contours are prone to smudging because of its texture and also because of the hot weather. Instead use powder for contouring purposes.


This is very crucial when applying makeup. By using a primer your makeup wont slide off, or start to look oily. Primer makes sure that your makeup sticks on and stays in place. So, don’t skip this step.


To keep your lipstick lasting long, line your lips before you put it on. This will make sure your lines stay crisp and the color stays fresh. Also you can use a tissue paper to blot the lips for long lasting lip color.


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