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All sizes are a good size until and unless it is not affecting one’s health in any way. Women are body shamed, especially fat shamed. Seems like fat has become another curse word. The moment one is called “fat” they get offended, start crying or their self-esteem shatters. Is being fat really that bad?

The only time I feel a bit down for being on the heavier side is when I can’t find clothes my size. It is pretty ignorant and unfair to assume all girls are on the slimmer side.

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No matter what size, all you ladies out there can flaunt your body in any way you please just like these 80,000+ women who are flaunting their body with the hashtag #whatfatgirlsactuallywear.

Stop hiding yourself just because it does not fit the criteria the society has made. Be confident in who you are! It all comes down to how you carry yourself. With some confidence and belief, you can pull off anything just like these plus-sized women did.

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Are you summer body ready?  Look at this one hell of a woman showing off her ‘fat’ in a bikini. The clothing item which is apparently made only for the slim girls. How’s this for a change, you shamers? Hence proved, every body is a bikini body.

Sorry, could not hear all the negativity, left it all behind ever since she put on that animal print blouse.

She got her orange dress on today, and boy are we glad or are we glad? Just look at her flaunting that off-shoulder dress and giving everyone a view of her legs because why not?

There is nothing holding these girls back! These plus-size babes have a good fashion sense, don’t you agree?

They definitely got a lot to offer only the right person can unfold that freaky side.

Sleeping in @premme.us , living in @premme.us (📸: @sumajanedark )

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Hola, that dress, and that attitude! At times stepping out of your comfort zone is the best thing you can do.

Love seeing these fashionista honoring their curves. Yussss woman, reveal the goddess in you!

Love this all red look! From head to toe, this babe is all fierce and ready.

If only she’d lose that t-shirt underneath the dress then her sexiness would have been roaring out more loudly. Sexy dress with a hot body and a gorgeous face and fierce tattoos, need I say more?

Friday fashion (also check my stories for huge lols and bts real shit)

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This one raises the bar high. Light color dress with minimal accessories and a bold lip color, this one is a winner. Dying to know what shoes she paired her look with.

Loooove the message on the t-shirt

repping my new fave shirt from my faves @bloodynorapam 💫 – my whole life, i have harboured shame about who I am. About my weight, my sexuality, the fact I didn’t fit in with my family, my illnesses. I was never enough, but at the same time I was always too much. Too loud, too quiet, too opinionated, too passionate, too weird, too fat, too open, too sensitive. Every day I would tell myself what I needed to do to change and how I needed to do it. I’d always see myself in the eyes of other people, and looking at myself became difficult. But allowing yourself the freedom to grow into yourself is such a beautiful thing. I am too loud, and too quiet, and too opinionated, and too passionate, and so many other things. I am beautifully me. Be more you – the world needs more of you, I promise.

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Gasp!* Red seems to be the color for those on the heavy side.

This black dress is something I can see myself wearing. Want to take it slow to the self-acceptance process? Then this dress is your step one. If this doesn’t impress you I don’t know what will.

July faves.

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This girl is on fire!

She got the junk in her trunk but that did not stop this diva to opt for stripes. Confidence is key, see how she owns this picture.

Messy bun, getting things done and slaying it all.

How mesmerizing.

Hoping all these fierce ladies have motivated you to love your body and carry it with confidence.

Much love xoxo

A recent post by @spreadingunicornlove was brought to my attention by @dietculturesucks. It talked about the fact that thin/thin passing people are often highly recognized in the bopo community. Although I believe that everyone should love their body and that body positivity is for ALL bodies, I often feel like the minorities of bopo aren’t recognized enough. Esther made the statement that people who aren’t “fat” as in genuinely plus size often talk about the struggle of weight and “feeling fat” and then suck in their bellies when they want to show what their flat tummy looks like. Fat bodies don’t have that privilege. We can’t “suck in” for photos, buy clothes at every retail store, or pass for thin in the right outfit. I can think of times when I wished I could hide my body, but I can’t. My fat is on display every day. I’ve come such a long way to be okay with that. But some people haven’t. Having bopo accounts by thin/thin passing bodies is great! Just as having bopo accounts dedicated to acne or amputees is beautiful! I appreciate that all bodies need love, but in a society where fat isn’t okay, I’d love to see more fat bodies being celebrated. . . . #bopo #bodypositivity #bikinibody #effyourbeautystandards #plusmodel #plussize #nothighgap #selflove #acceptance #whatfatgirlsactuallywear #aerie #aeriereal #bopobabe #celebratemysize #bodypositivebabe #fatbabes

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