5 Reasons Why Those Zits Keep Coming Back

How things change with the blink of an eye; one moment you’re a kid laughing your head off watching a man fall on banana peel whereas the very next moment it seems like time has flown right by and now you’re trying to light the candle from both ends. Remember when in your teens and you just could not wait to enter adulthood? After all, the classic Ugly Duckling had brainwashed our minds that once we grow up, we’ll magically turn into a beautiful swan with clear skin. If only life was that easy.

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Keep pimple-proofing your face completely off the list, but there are chances are you’re contributing to breakouts in ways you’re not even aware of and once you acknowledge them, then you might just get a zit-free face. Check out these common factors, and then prepare for the blemish-free skin of your teenage dreams.


Would you rub your face on the toilet seat? Disgusting, right? Well, guess what, your phone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. How so? You touch gazillion dirty surfaces a day, and then transfer the bacteria from fingers to phone and then to face. If you’re reading this on your phone screen right now and a call comes, you’ll pick it up and your phone’s screen will be touching your face, get the picture?


This came as a shocker, didn’t it? Sunglasses are worn when it’s sunny. We all know what the sun does, it makes you sweaty and oily, which turns you into a dirt magnet. So it stands to reason that your sunglasses resting on your nose and temples are also picking up a ton of bacteria. When was the last time you cleaned your glasses? Not talking about the lens only.

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This is one of the biggest pimple-perpetrators, and you’re rubbing your face against it for hours every night. A buildup of dirt and oils from your skin and hair is getting dumped right back onto your skin, so do yourself a favor and wash that pillowcase at least twice a week if not more.


The beauticians suggest not washing your hair daily, you complain hair get greasy and the solution you get is spray some dry shampoo in and call it good. Your hair maybe fine but do you have any idea how bad that is for your face? If you habitually wear your hair down and it brushes against your cheeks, it’s depositing oils and product residue and other stuff your pores don’t like.

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You could wash your hands with the anti-bacterial soaps and face wash, but they still come in contact with all kinds of surfaces: your keyboard, your phone, your steering wheel, every handle of every door you ever walk through. What should you do to keep those bacteria off your face? Its simple, keep your hands off your face. This may take some retraining of habits like I have a pattern of touching my cheeks and I need to try and refrain from doing that if I want fewer breakouts.


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