Hattie Gladwell’s Twitter Thread Will Change Your Perspective Of Love

Hattie Gladwell is a lifestyle reporter who writes actively regarding mental health. Recently on Twitter, she started a thread asking people to share their first-time stories when they realized they’re in love with their partner.

Don’t we all live for such cute stories? The thread did not disappoint us and just made us go awwww!

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These little little incidents are so relatable and make one believe how it is actually the little things that matter and make life so special.

We hope they lead their life holding each-others hand.

Always heard, “it’s the company that matters.” Seems like same thing happened with this one here, the surrounding was irrelevant as the person next to her was all that mattered.

Omg omg where’s that tissue at? It’s always the simple things, this proves it. Foolish are those who run after extravagant things.

Imagine, waking up one morning and realizing your entire life has changed and the man who was just a man the night before is THE man for you.

How considerate, are there desi men like this out there? The men here won’t even budge to clean their glasses lens.

Cuteness overload. He may not have catch ’em all but he caught the one. The one that actually held significance with her presence in his life.

1st love is great but the 2nd one is greater; First one breaks your heart whereas the 2nd one mends your heart when you thought you’ll never be able to love again. Life surely is unpredictable.

Ah, sweet innocent love.

Love exists! Want to slap everyone of those who say the romance dies after being doing for a couple of years.

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Laugh till your stomach hurts. How beautiful.

Drives are contagious.

Maybe the feeling is there it just takes time to surface it. It is so beautiful to read how it hit people that they’re in love at the most random-est situation.

Lately, toxic relationship stories have been on the rise. This thread makes us so happy that there are people together who are happy together, for real. Faith in love, restored.

The definition hits the bull-eye.

When one knows it’s worth it then there are no excuses left to not go an extra mile for the other person.

Some nasty love right there.

This person is lucky. It is difficult to find someone who’d actually be there in your sickness and health, over here the vows are being fulfilled even before being said out loud.

Long days automatically become better.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Cause seems like that is an actual thing! I remember my love at first sight (at-least that’s what I thought back then) sadly, never saw him again.

Oh, the bittersweet first love.

In a world where there are so many sob stories being shared on daily basis, a thread like this was much needed. Love does not have to lead to heartbreak, every relation does not turn sour, people are out there making it work and appreciating each other. All these stories give hope.



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