Historic Burberry Logo Changes After 2 Decades

Some changes are good some are ugly and some are too hard to process in.

The Italian designer, Ricardo Tisci left his role at Givenchy in February 2017 and was named Chief Creative Officer at Burberry in March. With a new creative officer, some changes were surely expected. But this is definitely a very unexpected change. The historic Burberry logo has been upgraded and was presented on Tisci and Burberry’s official Instagram pages.

Past | Future Thank you #petersaville #beginning

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He took a month- 4 weeks to come up with a new logo and replace the old one that has been there since forever.

The #ThomasBurberry Monogram August 2018

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Tisci got inspired after a trip to the label’s archive, and enlisted British graphic designer Peter Saville to revamp the iconic logo, which now comes in a more modern, bold sans-serif font, replacing the former Bodoni font and Equestrian Knight logo. Saville and Tisci also created a new monogram print with the letters “T” and “B”—a nod to Burberry’s founder, Thomas Burberry—interlocking in a color palette of orange, white, and beige, reminiscent of the brand’s iconic check pattern.

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This was not an easy task though, as the email exchange is shared on Burberry’s official Instagram page.

A crucial deadline and a lot at stake as Saville says, “You must be crazy,”

A conversation between #PeterSaville and #RiccardoTisci

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And the work began.

Discussing the #Burberry archive . #RiccardoTisci #PeterSaville

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Seems like this took a lot of brainstorming to get everyone on the same page.

The #ThomasBurberry Monogram pattern revealed . #RiccardoTisci #Burberry

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Saville, who helped Raf Simmons redesign the Calvin Klein logo last February, told Deezen.“Burberry needed an identity that is fluid and able to cross over into all the categories that are required of a big luxury clothing and accessories brand–something to transcend the company provenance without denying it.”

“Peter is one of our generation’s greatest design geniuses,” a statement from Tisci reads.“I’m so happy to have collaborated together to re-imagine the new visual language for the house.” The chief is really happy with the outcome of the logo and shall print the new monogram on his upcoming Burberry designs, set to officially debut this September when he shows his inaugural collection at London Fashion Week.

Lets through some light on what the consumers have to say about this new logo.


That’s a whopping lot of money.

Not pleasing to some eyes.


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