Power Of Social Media Gets #PaintWala An Opportunity Of A lifetime

After the viral Chai wala, it is now Paint wala who has taken up the Pakistani social media by a storm. The seemingly ordinary painter, Muhammad Arif aka #Paintwala, has swooned everyone away with his exceptional voice, becoming the new internet sensation.

It all started with a video posted on social media where Arif can be seen singing an Arjit Singh song while on his job. But the ordinary house painter’s extraordinary singing skills quickly got everyone’s attention and the video spread like wildfire.

Soon demands started popping up to give Arif a chance on mainstream media.

The video gained popularity so quick that even Pakistan’s largest music streaming site, “Patari” couldn’t resist sharing it.

Like other viral videos, everyone thought that Arif’s video too will circulate for a few days and eventually die down. But to our surprise, the lucky singer is just getting started!

Acclaimed singer Aima Baig recently posted a video message on her social media saying that she is blown away the #PaintWala’s voice and is willing to give him a chance to sing beside her at an Independence Day concert. Not only that but she also revealed that she is arranging a complete makeover for Muhammad Arif courtesy of Muneeb Nawaz and Nabila’s Salon.

Aside from receiving this once in a lifetime opportunity, the Paint wala has also marked his television debut. He was featured for a short segment on one of country’s most popular morning show and was greatly appreciated for his skills.

While huge promises are being made to get Muhammad Arif the recognition he deserves, only time will tell whether he will be able to make a lasting career for himself or will this prove to be his 15 minutes of fame. Previously, the Chai Wala, Arshad Khan was also assured of such opportunities but no promises were kept and he eventually returned to his family business.



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