Fuss Free Clip On Man Buns Are The Hottest New Trend

Lately, the trendy “man bun” hairdo has become every guy’s favorite hairstyle. However, most men lack the expertise to create one. Which means they have to rely on their female partners to do the job for them. But, not anymore!

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The clip on man bun is the newest fashion invention that provides the ultimate solution to every hipster guy’s daily struggle. The small piece of extension is a genius invention that turns a stubby ponytail into a lush, well-made bun with absolutely zero effort. Seriously, even the clumsiest person can use it.

While the concept of “man bun” seems rather new, it is actually just a reinvention of the widely known and loved scrunchy bun that every girl from the 90’s saw their moms rocked. It’s just much smaller, a lot more realistic and available in different colors.

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In order to use a faux man bun all you have to do is pull back the hair and fix the bun over your small top knot and then tighten it by pulling a string that scrunches the bun close. Then just tuck the string under the hair and you’re all set.

So if you too have a man in your life who doesn’t know how to put his hair in a cool looking bun, then this is just what you need to get for him.


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