Gym Chronicles: 7 Girls Share Their Experiences

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There are love stories, horror stories, sad stories, funny stories, real-life stories and then there are gym stories. Where the other stories are limited to a certain genre, gym stories have a lot of variety! Whenever you hear, “guess what happened at the gym?” You honestly don’t know what to expect, an accident while using the treadmill, body shaming incident, hottie gym instructor description or what.

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With all types of people in gym articles and videos, we thought to do something different and ask women to share their gym stories. These are all actual gym stories; nothing is made up. Are you ready to read some entertaining gym stories?

Instructor likes the bum

This one here is a funny story that according to Sadia is an embarrassing tale to tell. “My trainer always used to comment on my bust size that they are ideal and are in a good shape which was very awkward for me. My friends use to laugh at me whenever the trainer touched me to correct my postures.” Is I like big butts playing in your head? It surely is running in our minds.

Curvy and she likes it

What is with these receptionists? They de-motivate the clients as soon as they walk in. Malikat shares one such incident, “I went there to take some information about how I need to lose weight, select which plan & stuff. There was this really skinny, lean woman, with a really weird attitude on the receptionist desk. She clearly said that I’m pretty overweight & fat and that I need to crash diet & starve myself to death if I want to lose weight. And the funny thing is I’m not fat when it comes to looks, I have got a 36-inch waist & chubby bums which only makes me look a little curvier than the rest.” Maybe that is how these places get their customers.

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Shattered dreams

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This one is a sad story, Sidrah was skinny shamed. “I was really skinny before I got married. But I had a huge crush on Kareena’s Tashan figure. So a couple of months before my marriage I went to the gym to tone my body. Basically for abs and I was skinny shamed by so many ladies there that I stopped going after a couple of days. I received comments like, “ab kia ghayab hona hai tum ne?”(Do you want to disappear?)  “Dhaanchay bhi gym aane lage ab to” (Even skeletons have started coming to the gym) on daily basis and that really embarrassed me. I gave up on my dream of a 6 pack.” Shame on you, ladies!

Small world

These are the kind of stories that one lives for! Beena has an interesting fun story to share. “I met my ex’s current at the gym. I honestly told her that he approached me again since I felt he was hiding that from her. She, however, cried it all out to him and then I was asked to change my statement. I changed my number instead.” Girls talk, all the guys there need to know that.

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Marketing tactics

Vajiha had a pretty smart trainer as she tells, “my trainer wanted me to wear tank tops at the gym, believing it’ll be a good marketing factor for her.” Before anyone gets the wrong idea, it was an all ladies gym. We approve the friendly environment at the gym.

Treadmill ride

This one is hilarious for those who hear and painful for the one that went through it, as Madiha narrates the incident. “Once I was doing yoga on the mat and my senior was on the treadmill. Suddenly we heard loud footsteps on the treadmill. We were doing the cat cow cobra pose hence could not see but by the sound of it, we thought someone is doing some serious workout today.

After a few seconds, we heard a loud noise, looked up and found out my senior was struggling with the treadmill speed as it was too fast for her. I can’t forget how long her footsteps were in order to match the treadmill speed. And then the treadmill threw her far far away and I couldn’t find a corner to hide my laughter. It was her first day she should have taken it slow but no, till the time the treadmill didn’t throw her she didn’t enjoy the memento of the work out.

Needless to say, we never saw her again in the gym.” Many firsts are not so great.

Being the nice person

Do a good deed and just forget about it, after all, “expectations hurt” isn’t said for nothing. Ayesha’s good deed backfired, “So at the gym, a girl joined the same time as I did but failed to lose any weight. She was really sad about it so one day, I told her that it’s okay if the scale won’t move, you definitely look like you’re in better shape which absolutely thrilled her and I felt good about doing it.

2 days later I was wearing a shirt which was sort of loose and she comes up to me and says, “tum tou aur moti hogayi ho” (You have gained even more weight).” This does not end here, as the trainer joins in with the other girl, she further tells, “so my trainer is standing there and says, “joh roz gym nae atay unkey saath aisa hi hota hain” (This happens with those who keep missing the gym) and guess what I only missed gym 2 days the previous week and my trainer knew it was because my nani passed away! I reminded him after which he said sorry.” How inconsiderate!




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