Return Of #BabySharkChallenge

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#KikiChallenge has brought the #BabySharkChallenge back to life. The challenge originally began in Indonesia and went viral but yet many remained unknown to it, however, seems like, after the popularity of #InMyFeelingsChallenge, #Babysharkchallenge is all set to make its way back.

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The Baby Shark song shot into fame in 2017 for its catchy beat, simple lyrics and fun dance movement that is said to help children develop their fine motor skills. The song mentions the members of a shark family, starting from the baby to the grandparents.

The rise of the hashtag #BabySharkChallenge helped the brand’s YouTube channel’s popularity by 300 percent last year. This year, let us see how lucky they get with all the other trends around.

#babysharkchallenge DADs can do the baby shark to . Let’s see all the dads out there do the challenge for the #kids share if your a fan of baby shark 🦈 I do not own rights to this song

Posted by Isaiah Panarello on Sunday, August 5, 2018

Before one knew it, this challenge is trending on Twitter and many videos have been surfacing ever since.

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This started a year back, just that it was limited to a certain area now it seems to be spreading like wild fire.

Drake, your song is about to become history.

Search the hashtag and find year old videos to a day old video. This trend is making its way back on top.

Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon?

#Babysharkchallenge continues

Literal shark for the challenge, such devotion much wow.

Car no car, your call.

It even has a Halloween version. Get your idea ready for this spooky Halloween!

Too many trends happening in a single year, don’t you agree?


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