The Nishat Hotel Upsets Humaima Malick

Humaima Malick stays at Lahore, Humaima Malik harassed at The Nishat hotel

Humaima Malick seems to be really upset with The Nishat Hotel’s management. The actress called out the local hotel in Lahore for breaching her privacy. Talking to social media, the actor posted a string of screenshots from an anonymous sender who heard her being upset over something.

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A man slid in his business card and kept harassing the actor with his texts. How did he get her number? That is still a mystery. This is yet another lesson for all that please do NOT give out anyone’s number until and unless they permit you to.

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The Arth actress took on to Twitter and Instagram where she posted the evidence and poured her heart out. Malick turned off the comment option.

The Nishat Hotel’s reservation officer, Bilal Khwaja told Express Tribune that the allegation is currently being reviewed by the general manager, Shahid Abbas.

This is not all; the Bol actor even accused the hotel of putting up her pictures for publicity without her consent. The snaps, however, seem all posed. Now, there could be many sides to this-

i- She got these taken for her own self but the management used them for their own publicity without her permission.

ii- A misunderstanding where they thought they can use the pictures since they’re taken right in front of the name and logo of the place.

iii- The management completely disregarded her privacy.

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One may never know but nobody should be assuming anything till the full details are uncovered.


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