Give The Celebrities A Break!

Being a celebrity may seem like a dream job to many. I mean, who doesn’t love all the glitz, glamor and attention our favorite celebs get? However, all that glitters is definitely not gold! If you take a closer look at the life of a famous personality, you will know that being a public figure requires you to be on top of your game 24/7. One wrong move and you will be thrashed by the newspapers and talked about in the worst way possible. It seems like everyone is just waiting for a moment where a celebrity messes up so they can churn up some juicy gossip and “troll” them.

The celebrities who recently became a victim of these keyboard warriors are Atif Aslam and Armeena Rana Khan.

Atif Aslam performed in NewYork for an independence day concert. In an attempt to entertain his audiences, the star made the grave mistake of performing HIS song that was featured in an Indian movie. Lo and Behold, the very next day he was accused of “hurting the sentiments of Pakistanis” and a petition was signed to restrict him from singing Bollywood songs at any event.

However, the “Aadat” singer remained calm through the hate shower and responded back in a respectable manner through an Instagram post.

Before the Atif Aslam “issue” was even settled, Pakistani actress Armeena Rana Khan was subjected to criticism because she chose to stand up against bullying. Armeena posted a video of Reham Khan being bullied in a park calling out the woman who bullied the ex-wife of our new prime minister.

But the public completely missed her point and started trolling for being a supporter of Reham Khan.

Armeena, however, was quick to reply and made many comments explaining the message she was trying to deliver with her post but to no avail. The trolls kept on coming before she had to eventually give up. In her last word on the subject, she said, “All bullies and trolls are TRASH and I wish we could “delete” you from Earth.”

It really is a shame that our celebrities whom we claim to “love” need to give an explanation for every word they utter. The public is so quick to judge that they have completely eliminated any space to make mistakes.

It is high time that we give our celebrities a break because they are humans too. Public figures are not super humans, that we expect them to be perfect all the time. So stop humiliating your beloved celebs for every mistake they make because we’re sure you wouldn’t like that to happen to yourself.



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