If We Used Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Qawali Stanzas In Real Life

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is a legend, which is one undeniable truth. Even after his demise his qawalis are heard, taken inspiration from and many of his tracks are updated into today’s time with new versions.

The best element of NFAK’s qawalis is the language that he used, the words, the style even a simple stanza said in such a way that it makes one feel that wow! That was deep. If we started using the famous sufi poetry to address normal issues in our life, nobody would get offended instead they’d be amazed on how beautifully the message has been delivered to them.

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He is a legend for a reason. Lets scrutinize those lyrics and the way the message comes across from them.

Cover your head

We all know how irritating it is when an elderly tells us to cover our head. Right away it gets on our nerves and we prefer not going in front of that person. Now see how Nusrat Fateh Ali says it with such admiration.

Ye jawani k din or ye shukhiyan

Yun na aaya karo baal khule howay

Warna dunya me bad naam ho jao ge

He says that he understands these young carefree days. Youth no doubt is all about having fun but at the same time you may enjoy these days but remember when you cross limits you tend to get black listed in front of the world hence be careful. A message conveyed in a very subtle way, don’t you think so?

Eye to eye

So many times people have an entire conversation just via their eye contact, no kidding. Many messages are conveyed just by one look and this qawal knew that pretty damn well.

Aankh Unki Laree Yoon Meri Aankh Se

Daikh Kar Ye Laraai Maza Aa gaya

Aankh Mein Thee Haya Her Mulaqaat Par

Surkh Aariz Hu’ay Wasal Ki Baat Par

Us Ne Sharma Ke Mere Sawaalat Pe

Aise Gardan Jhukaayi Maza Aagaya

The unsaid conversation through those glances how sweet is this innocent love. Actions speak louder than words or the verse that you read above? Tell us, which one sounds better and is more impactful? We vote for Nusrat’s version!

I’m done with this world

We, ourselves say this so many times and have heard people ranting about how they’re done with the world. It seems more like a sentence every frustrated person is seen throwing. When hearing someone say that, the first thing that pops up in one’s head is, “here we go again,” However, the Kaali Kaali Zulfon singer has a different way to tell the world his misery. Makes one empathetic right away that how much did this person had to endure.

Na Chero Hamain Ham Sataye Huwe Hain

Bohat Zakhm Seene Pe Khaye Huwe Hain

Sitam Gar Ho tum Khoob Pehchante Hain

Tumhari Adaon Ko Ham Jante Hain

Daghabaaz Ho Tum Sitam Dhane Wale

This is a complete canto which states don’t bother me I’ve already been through a lot and at the same time, it points, you’re one of them. Definitely a way to slap back someone with words. Perfect to dedicate to an ex.

One time

What if you knew this is the first and the last time? How’ll you put it in words? What is the best you can come up with? Think and once you can’t come up with the perfect words then scroll down.

Aaj ki baat phir nahin hogii

Yeh mulaqaat phir nahi hogii

Aise badal to phir bi aayenge

Aisi barsaat phir nahi hogi

This time right now may just never come again and we all shall lead on our life pretending it never happened. Hits right to the core.

People change

We all have come across enemies disguised in friends, lovers turning into psychotic ex-es, relatives becoming strangers and basically relations turning sour. This qawal sums it all up precisely in a very fine manner.

Sochta hoon ke vo kitne masoom the

Kya se kya ho gye dekhte dekhte

Honestly, it’s like people change right before your eyes while you’re left wondering what happened.

Why the excuses?

This one is so on point! Everyone who has ever been in a relation can relate to this 100% How many times have you or your significant other fought with each other only to go out and hang out with that one person whom you despise and vice versa? Next time that happens just say this.

Milna Hai Jo Ghairoon Say To Phir Saaf He Keh Do,

Yoon Rooth K Janay Ka Bahana Nahi Acha

Mic drop.


Life is all about taking risk, isn’t it? When someone asks you why should they trust you after all the backstabbing they’ve been through, instead of thinking all the reasons imagine you say this to them.

Wafaon ki humse tawwaqo nahin hai

Magar ek baar aazamaa kar to dekho

Zamaney ko apanaa banaa kar to dekha

Hamey bhi tum apana banaa kar to dekho

You’ll leave the person speechless, guaranteed!

Temporary world

Not many know of this qawali, but this one everyone should hear out. To those who are into the materialistic world, instead of giving them lectures make them hear this out and say this line to them.

Kiya hai tu ne mataa’-e-gharoor ka sauda

fareb-e-sood-o-ziyaaN ! La ilaha il Allah

Yeh maal o dawlat-e-dunya, yeh ristha o paivand

butaan-e-vehm-o-gumaaN! La ilaha il Allah

Who else but Him?


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