The Art Of Shopping From A SALE

Women across the country are all geared up to shop till they drop as the AZADI sale season is finally on! The credits cards are ready to be swiped and the catalogs have been skimmed as all our favorite brands are now offering some crazy discounts. However, as exciting as the “flat 50% OFF” advertisements may seem, making the most out of a sale is definitely no child’s play.

If you too always come out the sale disappointed, follow these clever tactics listed below that will guarantee you come out that store a winner!

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Online Sales ALWAYS start before time:

How many times have you opened the sale tab of your favorite brand, hoping to get that outfit you’ve been eyeing on at a discounted price but found it to be out of stock? Let’s admit, we’ve all been there. If you’re wondering how it sold out so soon, its because online sales ALWAYS start before the given time! Yup, even if the brand announces to go on sale at midnight, be sure to head to the website earlier to be able to grab your favorite piece.

Add before time:

As soon as the sale goes live, it’s only a matter of seconds before items start getting sold out. So be sure to skim the website thoroughly way before the sale day and add your favorite pieces to your cart beforehand. Then as soon as the sale goes live just hit that purchase button and you’ll never be a victim of that dreaded “out of stock” tag.

Fill and save all information required by the website priorly:

Another great way to make sure you’re the first in line to get your order processed online is to add all information required by the website early on. By doing so, you save all the time you would otherwise waste filling out those extensive forms.

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Reach store before opening time:

If you want to be able to pick out pieces from racks while they are still full, be sure to reach the store extra early. Yes, even before they open! That is if you don’t want to shop in a store swapped with women left right and center.

Know what you’re looking for:

Always make sure to skim the brand’s catalog before heading to the store. Since on the day of the sale, you probably will not find the time to skim through racks or try on items. Most brands have codes for each item mentioned on their website, all you have to do is note them down before going to the store. Once you’re there you can ask the helper to get you your desired items, then you can just view them and head straight to the cash counter without being squished by anxious women.

Ditch the credit cards and carry cash:

The cues at all discounted outlets are always long, which means and a flustered cashier, nearly buried in tags will be getting your bill. To make the job easier for him and yourself ditch the credit card and carry cash. Cash payments are relatively easier and save everyone’s time.

Lastly, just remember to have fun because an outfit is not the end of the world! There will always be more sales and there’s no point in spoiling your mood over a piece of clothing. Happy Shopping!




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