MAC Goes Unfiltered


We are used to seeing edited and photoshopped pictures. Even though we know the woman on the magazine does not look like the woman on the magazine yet we aim to be like her. Do we blame ourselves? It鈥檚 the society that has made this standard and we tend to forget we are part of that society and we can change certain things if only we stop following blindly what has been going on since years.

Instagram is the place now where brands are seen publicizing their name. At times adding all those filters for the flawless picture does land those into hot water whereas sometimes people do not like the real picture posted for example the time when Rihanna posted her picture with her body hair visible.

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However, M.A.C. Cosmetics decided to leave things natural in a post this weekend, the brand shared a photo of a model wearing their Chestnut Lip Pencil by makeup artist Matthew King. The picture is an up-close photo, and you can clearly see hairs on the upper lip. Girls have that tiny mustache too from time to time and yes, we thread/wax our upper lips surprise surprise. Many people applauded this all natural picture but then there are always few who just cannot appreciate anything or anyone hence have to be the critics.

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Some commented, 鈥淧erfect!! Facial hair and all. It鈥檚 absolutely perfect and totally represents actual women,鈥 but then one cannot please everyone so other remarks followed, 鈥淲hat about the yukyyyy hair on the lips …omg.鈥 Apparently, hair on a woman is disgusting, we are living in 2018 and self-acceptance cannot get any harder especially with people who surround you with negativity as one comment says, 鈥滳ouldn鈥檛 Photoshop her whiskers out?鈥

M.A.C. hasn’t announced plans to keep their photos natural and unedited, but if they do then that鈥檒l be the best thing ever! Don鈥檛 you think so? After all, as one Instagram user writes on the comment session, 鈥淗ey, in 2018 we are OK with body hair because we know nobody is hairless.”


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