Plus Size Pakistani Girl’s Diary

It is not easy being a fat girl. No matter how much we talk about self-acceptance, loving ourselves, it just is not that trouble-free! In Pakistan especially where a girl cannot be pretty if she’s fat it is hard to be a female with a body that does not fit size 10 of a dress.

Here are few of the things an overweight girl living in Pakistan hears.

Size mil jaati hain?- You get clothes in your size?

Shopping should be a girl’s favorite thing to do, right? But that’s not the case for someone who knows getting clothes in your size is a hassle and also if something is pleasing to the eye does not mean the body shall pull it off that amazingly!

Nicknames- Hum toh pyar sey bolatay hain yeh

No, calling someone baby elephant, moti out of “love” is not okay.

Nicknames are supposed to be something that the other person loves to be called with not a word that humiliates them every time they hear it.

People who know the other person is not comfortable with it and still continue calling them that, those are the worst.

Tips and tricks- Yeh karo weight lose hojayega

Why don’t you try this? This diet totally works, my xyz cousin tried it and she went all fat to fit.

Trust me; nobody wants to hear that all the time. Great, you’re concerned but please know when to say and what to say.

Stop eating- You’re too lazy; Tumhari umar mein main itni kamzor thi

Maybe its thyroid, maybe its PCOs or maybe the other person’s schedule is so tight that they cannot take out the time or maybe its stress eating, the person is in depression.

Could be anything!

The people are so inconsiderate and insensitive that one just does not want to interact with them.

No guy will ever like you- Larkon ko patlee larkiya pasand hain

Forget marriage, they believe nobody would find you desirable at all.

It’s absurd, isn’t it?

Miss till death- Koi shaadi nae karayga wazan kam karo

Because only skinny girls get married and women who are plus size are undesirable and nobody wants a fat life partner because it is the appearance that matters.

Beauty lies within you is a myth.

You’ve no sense of humour- Tum toh serious hi hojati ho

If one calls out somebody over fat-shaming then the other person gets defensive with the typical line, “main toh mazaaq kar raha tha,” (I was just joking).

Sorry but not everyone’s’ sense of humour is that low.

Crush crash- Tumhey kaun pasand karay ga?

The fat girl thinks the guy she is crushing on shall never want her because of the weight, then the second thought comes, if I lose weight will he be interested then?

Followed by another thought, why would I want someone who’s with me only for my body?

Self-esteem down the drain- Woh toh theek hain par wazan ka kya kar rahi ho?

No matter how accomplished you’re, you still haven’t achieved anything in life till the time you haven’t lost some weight!





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