Beauty Techniques Achieved Within 60 Seconds

beauty hacks

Models on the runaway or celebrities on the red carpet, their flawless makeup makes everyone green with envy. How do they do it? From a flawless base to perfectly lined lips, there is a sort of finesse that we struggle to achieve every day. Consoling oneself that they have beauty experts at the drop of a hat who give them that look leaving everyone else gasp for air as the stars make their entrance.

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Here are some hacks that everyone should have under their sleeves for these techniques are life savers that will help you achieve THE look.

 Make a triangle with your concealer for under-eye coverage

If dotting your concealer under your eyes is the way you cover up then you need to stop. Instead apply it in a triangular shape with the base of the triangle under your eyes, gradually tapering towards the cheeks. This helps hide any redness at the bottom of your eyes and brightens up those under-eyes instantly.

Hashtag the smokey eye effect

Simply draw a hashtag at the outer corner of your eye and then blend it for a smokey effect, it’s as easy as it sounds! If you’re aiming for a more intense look then swipe on some eye shadow.

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Add saline solution to your mascara

Often, mascara tends to get thicker, making the application tougher. A quick trick you need to know is; add some saline solution to your mascara tube which will not only refresh the product but extend its shelf life too. Win-win situation!

Heat your eyelash curler

Why? To curl your lashes easily, also this technique keeps your eyelashes stay curled for long. Initiate by holding the lash curler in front of your blow dryer until it heats up. If it feels too hot then wait for it to cool down a bit. Next, clamp your lashes and hold it for a few seconds to curl them.

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Smudge some lipstick on your cheeks

You might just know this one for this technique is old school and known by many. After you are done swiping lipstick, rub a bit on your fingers and then smudge it on your cheeks. Blend.



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