Weird Celebrity Stalker Stories

Celebrities lead a crazy life, far more exciting than any of us. However, everything comes with a price. In such cases, it means invasion of privacy and unwanted remarks and judgment by everyone. The celebrities all know the risks and perks that come with fame but sometimes situations tend to get out of hand. The paparazzi and the media keeps posting everything about the stars and eventually the people who should not know about their location can easily keep a tab on them, making them an easy target for stalkers and obsessive fans. These superstars get harassed frequently and easily which is why most of them hire bodyguards. Here are a few stalker stories which will make you sigh with relief that you didn’t have to face such occurrences in your life.

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Carved car to declare love

Jennifer Aniston is gorgeous! She has thousands of fans and a stalker (or maybe many) is no surprise but to what extend can one go to? Jen was targeted by a stalker who spent eight days trying to find her after he told the police he was in a relationship with her. They found a car with the words ‘I LOVE YOU JENNIFER ANISTON’ carved into it; he was placed on a psychiatric hold. Imagine such intensity of love, everyone wants love but not this kind of psychotic love.

I’ll save you from your impostor

Where Chandler complained about not bumping into Beyonce even though the world is so small, someone out there protested that Beyonce is dead. Bey’s stalker Bassey Essien believed the theory that Beyonce is no more in this world and is replaced with an impostor who killed the singer. He sent the starlet loads of threatening letters and a book of religious ramblings, he’s written. When things got too much to handle Single Lady singer filed a case against him and eventually won an anti-harassment order against him in 2011.

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Clean shave it

Hugh Jackman is handsome and happily married; however, he did have someone’s evil eye on his happy life. Katherine Thurston was obsessed with Hugh Jackman. “I want to marry him,” she told people, though she’d never met him and knew very well that the man of his dream is married! But did that stop Thurston? Oh, no the crazy lover insisted, “It is not against the law to have two wives.”

Thurston seemed to have a different taste, firstly she was all in for a married man and secondly she hated the actor’s beard and wanted him to shave it off.

She waited for him outside his gym and followed him as he went in. When he noticed her, she was holding an electric razor in her hand. It was filthy, her own pubic hairs were still caught in the blades (yuck!) and she had a deranged look on her face. “We’re going to get married, right?” Thurston said. Then, without waiting for an answer, she attacked him with the razor, trying to cut the hairs off his face.

Thank god for the personal trainer who managed to pull her off and keep her from hurting anyone until the police arrived. When they showed up, Thurston was far from penitent. According to her the attack was perfectly rational. She’d done it, she told them, because “I hated him having those whiskers!”

Wifey, how can you forget me?

Miley Cyrus was yet another victim of a crazy stalker. 40-year-old Jason Luis Rivera, was confronted by police officials after attempting to break into the singer’s home with a pair of scissors the previous September. When questioned by authorities, Rivera evidently told them, “I am friends with Miley Cyrus. She’s my wife. Miley and I have been friends for five years.” He was granted a three-year restraining order in November 2012.

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I love you & I want you

Marcell Porter tried to break into Gigi Hadid’s NYC home five times in a week and was in prison for stalking and burglary. He told the building’s maintenance man, “I’m paramilitary and I saved her life before. She wants to marry me and have my kids.” He also allegedly sent her Facebook messages reading, “I LOVE U. I KNOW EVERYTHING NOW. WAIT FOR ME SOULMATE.”

Your husband is mine

Seems like married men are more in demand for these stalkers, after Dawnette Knight became obsessed husband Michael Douglas. She started sending letters to Catherine Zeta Jones writing that if she didn’t leave him she would cut her into pieces and feed her to her dogs. She was sentenced to three years in prison.



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