Tweets Review The Nun

The Nun has been talk of the town. Last night I went to watch the 12:45 am show and the cinema was packed. Late night horror show has its own fun. If you have plans to watch this horror movie then you should read these tweets before booking that ticket!

The tweets shall give you an overview of whether you should watch this movie or not and if you do plan on it, then what should you be expecting.

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I didn’t find it scary either neither did my movie buddies.

Great movie and a scary movie having that effect on the viewers are two different things.

The expectations were too high and like it’s said “expectations hurt”

Honestly, when the Nun’s face is revealed all you’ll want to say is, “it’s 2018 what is up with such terrible graphics!” All I wanted to do was laugh.

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But then for the weak hearts this movie might just be too much to handle.

At least it passed!

Average? average.

Too scary to handle, however, I agree to disagree.

People who write their reviews like this, I approve!

So many expectations, so many broken hearts.

Whereas, I heard a few screams and more laughter in the cinema.

They always do this, the trailer gets us hooked whereas the movie disappoints.

It is more focused on the Conjuring Universe, so people who don’t know about that part may just not like this one as such.

No comments.

Right on point.

Thank god I didn’t pay for the ticket.

Final Verdict

This tweet sums it up.


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