So, What’s The Real Reason Behind Your Shade-in Up?

Shades or sunglasses (whatever you may call them) are made for a purpose; to protect the eyes from UV (ultraviolet) rays. But then with the latest trends happening and changing from time to time it is hard to say if these shades are there for that very specific purpose or have they become more of a style and status symbol.

Bringing back the tiny sunglasses trends from the 90’s

Here are 5 reasons why people wear sunglasses-

Cover up the makeup-free face

To hide the makeup-free face, hiding imperfections with super big shades is trending these days.

Puffy eyes, swollen eyes, dark circles, the easy way to have them covered is simple, put on a big pair of sunglasses!

Now you know why airport looks of celebrates are always with sunglasses on be it night time or daytime.

Ignore the world

To hide how tired people actually are from everyone’s Sh*t.

Ranveer Singh shades up

I can see you, you can’t see me, ha!

To see everyone and no one knows where you’re looking. Next time you spot a creepy human wearing shades indoors just beware as one never who what or who he has his eyes on.

Or maybe the person is rolling his eyes, guess what? Nobody can see him do that!


To look cool. Everyone wants to look better than the rest hence no harm in attempting to look cool unless one ends up humiliating themselves with a bizarre pair of shades

that makes one stand out for all the wrong reasons.


Then there are some who wear sunglasses to actually protect their eyes from the sun, yes, such people do exist!

Ryan Reynold’s take on tiny sunglasses trend


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