Lines To Remember Next Time You’re Angry

There are many times when one hears another person communicating in a different language and thinks what is he saying? Is he talking about me? And just like that a cloud of thoughts starts raining. Then on a few occasions, one wants to swear out loud but due to morals and etiquettes, it is very important to keep calm and block such feelings away.

Today, we are here to increases a few words in your vocabulary which shall help you in the future when you want to curse a person but have to refrain.

puede que tengas un mal día

May you have a bad day

si je pouvais je vous étrangler

If I could I would strangle you

arjwk hal yumkinuk ‘an tughliq famak

Can you please shut up



Neo baba ya? 

Are you a fool?

Come Puoi ottenerti? 

How dumb can you get?


Get out

arjwk hal yumkinuk ‘an tughliq famak

Can you please shut up

tidak ingin melihat wajahmu lagi

Don’t want to see your face ever again

bist du fertig

Are you done?

Like it’s said in Urdu, hogaya?

Please, whenever you use any of these apply them at your own risk. We are not responsible for anything.

Also, ensure the other person does not know the language you’re planning to diss them with.




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