Fashion Has Gotten More Relaxed Than Ever!

Have you noticed how with time it has become more about the comfort and less about looking your best all the time? Even fashion today is not that hard to follow as it was back in the days.

No more doing the dance to fit in those skinny jeans or killing your feet wearing pencil heels.

Fashion has finally stopped being a cold-hearted queen and given us a break.

Here are easy looks that’ll make you say fashion has stopped being so hard on us!

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Pyjama Pants

Ditch the jeans and say hello, to the ever so comfy pyjama pants!


Block ’em heels

Leave those stilettos and pencil heels to see how great block heels look on your feet!

Your feet will love them for being comfortable and your eyes shall love what they see.

The ’80s is trending in 2018, baby!

Boyfriend Jeans

Doesn’t matter if you have a boyfriend or not but what matters is you should own a pair of Boyfriend jeans!


Flip-flop socks

Yes, that is a thing.

Since Winters are coming and one does not want to say goodbye to the Summer vibes hence trying to make things work.

I have seen women wearing socks with their sandals at weddings and that assures- comfort first fashion follows.


No makeup

Long gone are days when a girl necessary had to spend hours in front of the mirror before going out.

No makeup makeup look is trending and it is approved by us!

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