Halal Verison of Tinder

Halal dating, what is that? Just like Tinder, there are applications for Muslims too just that in the Muslim app it is all about finding the potential rishta (proposal). However, not everyone finds their perfect match and not every profile on that app is for the purpose of finding a spouse. Some are there to have fun whereas few are there because their parents made their account so they can find the one because what other places to find?

Why can society not accept the couple together after Nikah?

I went on a hunt to find these Muslim rishta apps and the comments I came across were funny since, Muslims don’t date thus they don’t use Tinder (In a parallel universe), those parents who want to believe that I don’t want to burst their bubble. Seems like these apps are just the halal version of Tinder.


Muzmatch is for all the single Muslims who are in search of finding their partner in the halal, free, and fun way. A focus on the “fun way,” please.

The intention seems quite pure, however, one comment made me doubt the existence of this app, the comment goes on, “I love this app! It’s so easy to find local Muslims and I’ve met a few possible matches. I’ve found a few cute guys on there and I’m sure I’ll find my future husband in no time.”

Parents, it’s okay for your girl to talk na-mehram (is an unmarriageable kin with whom marriage or sexual intercourse would be considered haram, illegal in Islam) guys in the process of finding the right one, right?

So, this is all about being sure the guy or the girl you bump into is from the same religion hence safe from heartbreak due to religious difference as you know any man or woman you come across is completely jaiz (legal) for you and you may take things forward without the hurdle of religion coming in between.

Tinder: 0 – Halal dating app: 1


Don’t you love how these apps names right away tell you it’s a Muslim app hence all the non-Muslims stay away!

Muslima is there to help you find your Muslim partner. It seems to be having happy users as one comment says, “A solid app that delivers what it promises. I’ve had a lot of success with this app.”

I wonder what is up with that “a lot” is this guy really looking for a wife, because if he is then his statement should have said,  “I’ve had success with this app.” Now I’m confused what did his statement actually mean?

Tinder at least keeps the consent clear that this is for dating, unlike these halal apps that are made for one reason but being used to fulfill other needs too.

Tinder: 1 – Halal dating app: 1


According to the website, Qiran is run by a group of professional Muslims, so they understand the needs of Muslim singles well. Seems like no dating can be done here as this site means business!

They have a separate section for their success stories and every couple just has praises for Qiran. Pretty impressive.

Tinder:1 – Halal dating app:2


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