5 Absurd Story-lines That Made Super Hit Films

Many movies we have grown up watching and even till now we love them, although many we haven’t seen in a very long time yet we cannot stop raving about them. Although now that you look at them you might just say- the story-line is so messed up how did I like this in the first place? Probably because back then we had no clue how messed up the entire plot was.

Be ready to get your childhood ruined as your favorite movies shall be portrayed to you in a different light of harsh truth.


This was a perfect family movie, right? Well not really because it has two major flaws!

The man who works at an insecure company had no future planning done hence no investment, why? Because what’ll parents do when they get old? They’ll depend on their children!

The dream is seen without asking the children whether they ’ll be okay with it or not also, carried the message that if you make your kids too independent then they shall never look back at you. No wonder this movie left all the parents teary-eyed with many taunts that followed the children.

Secondly, the adopted stepson (Salman Khan) was not invited to any family festive, there is no sign of him and he never even contacts his saint parents but then miraculously he comes to the rescue like a knight in shining armor. Weird.

Do kindness and then go back to get the reward. This kind of sounds selfish, no?

Kuck kuch hota hai

Surely, we all know what went wrong with this movie.

The famous dialogue, “Hum ek bar jeete hai, ek bar marte hai, shaadi bhi ek bar hoti hai ….. aur pyar ek bar hi hota hai.” The man falls in love twice and then marries twice!

How was this dialogue appropriate for this movie?

Maybe it is entertainers like this that girls are stuck in toxic relations instead of being with the good guy they have friendzoned.

Rahul leaves Anjali for Tina.

Anjali is getting married to Aman.

Rahul comes back with his daughter.

Anjali leaves Aman and marries Rahul.

So basically Anjali did with Aman what Rahul did with her?

Anyone else finds this problematic?

Kaho naa pyaar hai

This movie proves it is all about the looks.

The hero dies and then his doppelganger out of nowhere appears, he falls in love with the lead actress because obviously.

Sonia tries to keep her distance from Raj but then damn that face.

Long story short she falls for her dead ex’s double.

3 Idiots

So, anyone can pretend to me be and go get my degree? How cool is that!

When one has the money then anything can happen.

Namastey London

All the girlies who are trapped into marriages that you never wanted to be in but very smartly your parents plotted it all, brought you back to Pakistan and got you hitched, well guess what?

This movie gives the right message out to such girls with a blue passport.

Tie the knot, then say honeymoon in my country and no intimacy before that. Go back and tell the guy “our laws here do not accept the marriage that just happened back home, so bye.”

How convenient!




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