Jet Lag? Lag Jet!

Jet lag is a temporary disorder that causes fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms as a result of air travel across time zones. It is considered a circadian rhythm sleep disorder, which means our system needs to adapt to the internal time change such as the light dark cycle of night and day. This disruption of the internal body causes physiological, and behavior changes in our body which can lead to us to have jet lag. When our body cannot easily recognize the change, it causes jet lag. Other than long flights even the change in east or west can cause problems in shift works, resulting in jet lag. Our body needs time to accept those changes. It may take time but you can easily overcome your jet lag by doing simple tips to overcome it.

We all know it’s a pain when you’ve planned out your holiday and you just can’t seem to get over the jet lag. Don’t worry this is very normal. We will be giving you the tips and tricks to get over your jet lag, so you can enjoy your holiday without any problems due to your long flight. Always remember you have to be tough, stay positive and know yourself that you will come out of it. Getting through a jet lag can be tough but it’s definitely not impossible.

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It’s always a good start to set your watch to the destination time zone and work on that schedule, even if it’s just for the flight as this will help minimize whatever change that will occur for the rest of day. There are also other tips and techniques you can do to help yourself, don’t let the jet lag be the cause of ruining your holiday, or even an important business trip.

Remember to relax your agenda, and be sure to prep yourself from before taking the long haul flight. You want to start fresh rather than feeling fatigue. Make sure you relax yourself before your flight, eat right and sleep well. All this will help you overcome your jet lag, and it will be a major advantage to your trip.

Avoid taking any sort of sleeping pill. This can be a bad idea and definitely not worth it. These pills will just make you feelingvague when you step out of the plane. Instead sip on herbal tea thru out your flight as this will relax your body and make sure your hydrated enough to kick start your vacation.

This may sound very strange but as soon as you get out of your flight, take your shoes off and go bare foot on the ground, (grass, sand, or anything related to earth) for a good 30 minutes. The earth produces energy into our body signaling us to be aware and alert. It helps as cure the imbalance of our body due to jet lag.

Once you’ve landed or arrived at the hotel, brush your teeth, as it wakes you up, and you automatically feel fresh. Also a cold shower helps your body to get rid of any tiredness you may be facing, and it will also keep you hydrated and get rid of any jet lag symptoms.

Lavender oil is known for its properties to enhance sleep. It’s a natural mild sedative which can promote deep sleep during the flight it also releases any stress one may have, and can ease out any discomfort during the flight hence when you wake up you will feel fresh and you won’t have any jet lag symptoms feeling refresh.

Before you get on the flight and after make sure to have both vitamin C and vitamin B as these two vitamins contribute to immune system health. They protect yourself from catching a virus while you’re sleepless and vulnerable. Not only that, but these vitamins also make you feel super energetic and fresh, which can help you get over your jet lag.


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