LUST LIST- A little red don’t hurt nobody

Voluminous Hair (hair serum)
After taking a shower, use a little bit of this hair serum. It will soften your locks and give you a frizz-free look all day! Boost your hair’s hydration with a serum that won’t leave your mane sticky or oily.


Bombshell Everyday (perfume)


Can we ever get over Victoria’s Secret Bombshell perfume? We think not! It’s gorgeousness has us obsessed. If you can’t think of what to wear, it’s always this divine fragrance.


Dry Run (hair brush)

If your hair is prone to tangles, a densely-packed boar bristle brush is not your friend. A paddle brush is the all-around best option for pretty much any hair type.


Compact That! (kabuki brush)

Dip the brush in powder, swirl, and tap the handle on the edge of your makeup container or sink to remove the excess before applying. This is a great way to amp up your makeup routine!

Hello Gorgeous! (red eye pencil)

Just drooling over different colors of eye pencils, and red seems to be a sure winner! It’ll instantly give you a pop of color, giving your face freshness and confidence simultaneously.


Wow That! (red lipstick)

A red lipstick is unarguably your best friend. Feeling tired or looking underdressed? Dab a little red on your pout and you’re sure to turn heads. Keep it with you at all times.



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