Floral Nail Art

We love bright colored flowers! And what better way to implement floral print on your nails this summer? If you love flowers, there is no better season. And even if flowers aren’t your thing, a touch of blossoms on your nails is just the right way to bask in the season’s spirit. Go minimalist and try them on nudes or a barely-there-pink hue. Can’t find the real deal? Paint them on! Here’s a look at some pretty, some edgy, some dreamy and some sporty nail art designs.

    1. Rose It

There are many ways in which one can wear the rose on their nails. Our best bet would be the classic rose motif. Go pastel, rose pink on a neutral base or powder blue or green. If your nails are healthy, just go for a base coat and a rose illustration in two tones of the same color, and seal it with a glossy top. Accentuate it with tiny pearl beads.

  1. Tulip Me

If you want something vivid, intense and fun, then tulips are for you. Make a statement with these flowers in any color. Make an oval center, leaf0 like side petal and a wavy stalk. Just make sure to use a thin fine paintbrush. For a simple look emphasize the nails on the ring fingers with a tulip illustration. Be creative and have some fun art fun!


  1. Daisy Do

Daisies are fresh and playful! Make delicate looking petals on the nails using a fine paint brush. You can have a dark base or go neutral. Just having pretty flower is enough to cheer up anyone’s day. Make sure to use yellow. We love it!


  1. Cherry blossom

What better way to romance the nails with cherry blossoms. If you desire a nail art design that’s pretty, elegant and timeless go for cherry blossoms on a salmon base. For a fresh feel wear pink blooms on sky blue. The nails will look super pretty.

  1. Water Lily

To make a statement, try recreating the enchanting impression of water lilies. Making water lilies is not an easy task, however practice makes perfection. Take cues from hints of pink and greens contrasting with the darker shades of blue. This nail art is great for holidays, parties and weddings when you want to go against the grain of glitter and gold but still create some drama.




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