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How frequently does one scroll down social media, aimlessly? We come across memes, news, updates, videos and what not. What makes our fingers stop is when something relatable or of our interest catches our eye. At one point we all are similar, just need to realize that. The place does not change the roots you belong to or the restrictions that shall be put upon you. The patriarchy system shall never leave us and neither will the stereotyping. No matter in what part of the world you reside in if you have an Asian background then you can surely relate to these videos. You’ll have tears in your eyes laughing at these artists short videos.’Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious’ these entertainers surely know how to put humour in every misery.

Today we list down how accurate these artists are with their videos.


This 25-year-old, digital media influencer, Rukhsar is doing a phenomenal job with her videos. Rukhsar’s videos content is so on point where she plays all the roles herself and mind you, she does not only show one side of the story. At times she’ll show the story-line based on the daughter’s perspective whereas sometimes from the mother’s. Every time she nails the act. Who knew a Pakistani residing in Sheffield, England would be facing the problems similar to us living in the third world country. Seems like brown parents are the same everywhere.


Muhammad Moiz is the voice of every Desi girl. Guys like him exist. What a time to be alive! Can anyone please tell us what his relationship status is? He speaks out the heart of every girl. Can you believe this guy is a doctor by profession? His videos consist of Shumaila Bhatti, Snapchat filters, and her everyday life. Shumaila Bhatti, who? Moiz plays the character of Shumaila Bhatti and points out everything that is wrong in the society and we as an audience can relate to it a little too much! Moiz describes Shumaila as a ‘Quintessential middle-class Pakistani young woman with spikes of confidence and insecurities’. His topics hit us to the core.


Tamkenat, is a one-man show! Fairly new to this field as compared to the rest, but she is doing one amazing job. Not only does she point out problems but picks characters and storylines which make one go like, why hasn’t this been highlighted before? One time she’ll be a dadi whereas the next you’ll see her playing the role of a shopkeeper and how they behave with women in different cities of Pakistan. She picks up topics that no one wants to talk about.


This Dawn Media Group company is a digital entertainer company who make video contents for the Pakistani youth. Their idea and concepts hit the spot and make you laugh at how true it is and then give you a sting of guilt that damn, how this is the reality! They’ve established their name in the social media in a very short time and everyone is in love with their videos!

Teeli | Gora Complex

Kia aap ab bhi angraizon ki ghulami ko miss karte hain? Tou aaj hi Gora Complex main 2,3 aur 4 kamroun ke flat book karayeinSubscribe to our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/teeliFollow us on Instagram: instagram.com/teelipkDirector : Muhammad Murtaza AlizaiAssociate Director: Ammar Alee Danish D.o.P : Farhan SilverWriter : Ali Abbas Naqvi & Basit NaqviContributed by : Bilal AtifPost Production: Kamran ShahnawazAssociate Producer: Ammar Alee Danish Art Director : Muhammad BaberAssistant Art : Rahim BhojaniCreative Design: Ashraf KhanLine Producer : Umair WakeelSound recordist: Talha KhanCast:Adnan JaffarHajra khanAfraz RasoolRabya Kulsoom RehanMakeup: Syed Aqleem ShahSet Team: Baber, Shehzad, Salman, NaeemPTC: Namrah Sikander

Posted by Teeli on Friday, September 7, 2018

Ali Official

Ali Shahalom, aka Ali Official, is a British Asian content creator and comedian most popular for his Instagram and Facebook skits. You learn so much from his videos, they are hilarious. At the same time, the messages he gives out in his humorous way is recommendable.

When girls ask guys for pictures 😂

Posted by Ali Official on Saturday, April 21, 2018


Danish Ali

Danish Ali is a comedian, actor, writer, director, producer and radio personality based in Pakistan. He is one man who comes up with concepts that every one of us goes through but never thought that it could be portrayed the way he shows them. His concepts are different and his acting is next level. We love this guy and we are sure so will you.

"How To Bargain" -By Danish Ali

"How To Bargain" -By Danish Ali

Posted by Danish Ali on Thursday, March 15, 2018




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