Stars and Their Zany Tweets

Whether we admit it or not but our life surely does revolve around what the celebrities are up to. From what they’re wearing to who they are dating, every little detail matters.

Twitter is the easiest way to get them to notice you and today we have a few tweets from our stars that will make your day a little less boring.

Bizarre comments made by people on celebrity profiles 


Meera Jee is the best! She says the most hilarious things in such a manner and that itself is an art. Here’s a tweet from her which shows how savage and confident the Nazar actor is..

Mawra Hocane

Does the Hocane girl need any introduction? This babe is a social media star. The Pakistani actress who paved her way to Bollywood as well and not to forget during all this she aced her LLB result! However, during all that seems like she gave her autocorrect too much liberty. See if you can find the error in this tweet.

Osman Khalid Butt

This guy is hilarious! Osman Khalid Butt never refrains from calling out anyone or targeting someone with his wicked dark sense of humor. Brilliant actor and an even better human being. The Balu Mahi actor is all about the laughs and so are his tweets.

Mahira Khan

Winning our hearts with Humsafar and then raising the acting bar so high that she got a chance to star against Shahrukh Khan! This starlet has gone places all with her hard work and no one can take that away from her. If you’re a Mahira Khan fan too then you should never stop tweeting her.

Zaid Ali

This YouTuber made his name big. Zaid absolutely knows the right content to pick. This tweet did go viral and for everyone loves a social media fight! Although have to give it to him unlike many he did not hide under the bush to state his opinion.

Zaid Ali T and Reham Khan transform into keyboard warriors 


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