How is Adult Life Better Than Childhood?

Very often does one come across posts and memes which state that childhood is better than adult life and how one wishes they could go back to the carefree days. If one comes to think about it, practically, adult life is much better than those days of innocence. Certainly, you won’t agree on it since those days seem like the best days of your life, after all, there was no care in the world back then.

But is it really true that the early stages of life are better than the grown-up days of your life?


Remember when you wanted a toy but could not get it because you had no money on you and the only person who could make that purchase for you was not willing to pay? Well, once you become an adult the job life begins and guess what happens after you get your pay? You buy whatever you please!

What bills?

Lets be honest in Pakistan there is no concept of living alone or moving out, well for the majority. Whether you’re 5 or 25 you’re still living with your parents who just pamper the life out of you.

So, the bills and other expenditures are not your headache, your dad takes care of it. However, few scenarios, of course, differ but yet majority of the time it is made sure the child is not overburdened.

End result? All the money goes into your pocket! Unlike when you were young and even had to hand over all the eidi’s to your mom.

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When we are young especially in a desi household we have many restrictions and among those these two top the list

  • No sleepovers with friends
  • No friend of the opposite sex

After the kid grows up and steps into his late teens, early twenties that is when the parents start relaxing a bit. Probably, because they believe now their child is mature enough to understand between right and wrong so they leave their kid off the hook. Sleepovers are cool and having friends of the opposite sex is nothing to hide about anymore.

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No waking up early

School times were great, sure but waking up at 7 in the morning has always been a torture!

However, we all know work begins at 9 and in university, at times you may just have no morning classes! Guess who’s getting the extra snooze, baby? An adult!

Also, once you’re an adult you can own a business and be the boss hence no rules apply on you. Talk about living as you please.

Solo trips

This is the time when you can take solo trips or trips with friends because you’re old enough!

Official commitment

Many times in school one falls in love or if love is too strong of a word then there is an attraction towards a certain person.

Sadly, at that time of your life, you cannot involve your family even if you’re up for a serious relationship because you know they won’t take you seriously.

But once you step into adulthood then your family is the one after you saying, “beta, koi pasand hain toh batado” (if you like someone, let us know). See how tables turn.

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You have more exposure to the world now and have experience under your belt hence you can make decisions for your own self.

Also, with all the understanding you also learn how to judge people and start trusting your instincts. More practical and less emotional.

You’re an adult now!

All the time one hears, “abhi nae jab baray hojao tab,” (once you’re a grown up then you may do it). Want to apply a lipstick when you’re six, your mom says, “beta, yeh baray lagatay hain” (this is for the elders), want to drive when you’re 13 but can’t because of no driving license.

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Well, guess who can do it all now?






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