What if Men Were on a Time Crunch?

One of the main reason women are not allowed to go out at late hours are men. Unfortunately, males make it unsafe for females to move around safely.

Imagine what would happen if men had curfew? Can you imagine going out after 9 and not seeing a single man on the face of the earth? Sounds something straight of a fairy tale, right? No cat calling, no fear of being harassed, not being watched like a hawk or anything that makes one uncomfortable. As if keeping the outside world off limits for men shall make it a perfectly secure place for women.

Twitter thread reflects on the safety of women 

Activist Danielle Muscato addressed her Twitter followers with a simple question for women: “What would you do if all men had a 9 p.m. curfew?”

The answers were simple and heart breaking at the same time. Women did not say something out of the ordinary but they pointed out things which are so usual to do but thanks to few humans it has become a hazard to even take a stroll down the park.

If even now men don’t realize how privileged they’re then it is a shame.

How hard are even simple things.

Just a walk late at night without the fear of being someone’s next victim.

Because this does not only happen in the movies.

It surely is.

If same questions were asked from women living in Pakistan surely few of the answers would have been.

Things desi girls grow up listening 

Wear whatever they like and go wherever they please.

Girls night out!

Watch the late night show without any security concerns of getting back home.

Boys would be at home and the ladies of the house won’t be worried that when’ll the men get back home.

Because desi mothers and wives cannot stop worrying about their little big boys.



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