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Peek Freans RIO’s Mischievous Blue Obos – Definitely a Treat to Watch!

Peek Freans RIO has never failed to please us and our kids. These center-filled cream biscuits are easily distinguishable from others in taste. Apart from being kids’ favorite snack and tea refreshment for elders, RIO has been entertaining us with new commercials and advertisements ever since. They always come up with something different and inventive; that definitely wins our hearts.


Peek Freans RIO’s new ad has already hit our television screens and is undoubtedly a treat to watch. This time RIO has enthralled us with adorable little-animated characters, namely Obos. They’re blue, cute, mischievous, cheerful, and play around just like small kids do. Let’s borrow a moment to appreciate their creation and their deserving designers. The ad proves the fact that Obos are actually the representation of small kids who can do anything for their favorite stuff. The cheery little Obos have turned out to be everyone’s beloved animated characters within no time. Kids are always glued to the screens with the volume turned up when they see Obos on their TVs.

The mischievous actions of Obos are fun to watch. The short story in this campaign is effectively engaging the audience and it’s not only a funny ad but it also creates an impulse to have Rio right away. Obos are seen marching around in a deserted island in the ad who get really excited after having a sight of Rio. The creative depiction of the Obos singing, Ra ra ra ra Rio and their constant babbling make this ad worth watching.

This step of introducing original animated characters in the TVC has proven to be a milestone for Peek Freans Rio. Their creation has compelled people to love these jaunty Obos; and the story has fascinated the kids so well that they can be seen running and humming the Obos’ song “Ra ra ra ra RIO” across the rooms.

We just can’t get enough of these playful wide-eyed Obos and are actually looking forward to RIO’s next exciting Obos story!


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