Celebrity Beauty Secrets!!

Who doesn’t want to know what your favorite celebrities do to maintain their flawless skin and shiny hair? Here are some secrets revealed about our gorgeous stars so let’s stop wondering and start knowing.

Ayesha Omer

Instead of white rice, she uses brown rice which contains extra vitamins and minerals and bajra roti instead of the usual, due to its high fiber content and cooks all her food in extra virgin coconut oil. Ayesha just does not miss on her Vitamin C supplement.

Ayeza Khan

She drinks a lot of water and in the morning she drinks hot water with adding some drops of lemon juice in it. She moisturizes her skin with the moisturizer of a good brand because moisturizer is the solution to all skin problems. Use face wash instead of beauty soaps.

Sanam Saeed

She pushes herself to get up and raid her kitchen for ingredients to conjure her own scrubs. Her favorite recipe includes ground oats mixed with water for gentle, bi-weekly exfoliation. Sanam also often indulges in the popular apple-cider vinegar mixture to add quick and long-standing shine to her hair.

Mahira Khan

She’s a big believer in facial oils and almond is her favorite!

Her favorite DIY mask is honey and lemon! “This concoction cleanses and moisturizes your face and makes your skin glow.”

Sanam Baloch

Sanam seems to follow natural ingredients for her glowing skin, She uses Milk Cream and Lemon drop mixture on her Skin. This mixture gives extra glow and freshness on your skin. Along with this moisturizer,  Dastan star prepares a detox drink which includes

  • Cucumber: One
  • Mint: Few leaves
  • Lemon: One
  • Ginger: Small piece
  • Water: 1 Glass=

Use this drink for glowing skin and freshness.

Sarwat Gilani
Sarwat does not take any risk over her Day and night regime it is very important for her. One has to be consistent. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing should never be neglected or underestimated. Sunscreen is crucial considering the weather that we face.
Sarwat believes that oiling is essential for healthier hair. She says although old school, oiling is very important. Oils provide nourishment to the hair and hair needs nourishment to fight the damage and grow longer and healthier.

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