Ayyan Ali Back To Square 1

The prison seems to be like that clingy ex which just won’t leave Ayyan Ali.

Ayyan was arrested in 2015 at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto International Airport while boarding a flight to the United Arab Emirates with $506,800 without the consent of the State Bank of Pakistan. The model was then sent to jail and the government put her name on the Exit Control List. She was handcuffed in the case of money laundering. However, she subsequently left for Dubai after she was released on bail and court ordered the removal of her name from the ECL.

Been 3 years one would have thought this case is done and dusted but not quite yet.

Customs court Judge, Arshad Bhutta presided over the hearing and said Ayyan had failed to appear before the court. The judge also rejected an appeal filed by the defendant’s counsel to adjourn the case. Court ordered Ayyan to be present in court for the next hearing, scheduled for October 22.

Seems like the court is done waiting. We await to see will there be more to this case than just this hide and seek game.



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