Is Our Education System Going All Wrong?

A lecturer at The Institute of Engineering and Fertilizer Research (IEFR) in Faisalabad, watched a student commit suicide and when he tried to help him as the student was taking his last breaths the 15 helpline was not responsive to his calls.

The post outlined all the details of Shah witnessing the student holding a pistol, injured. He immediately called 1122. The helpline allegedly refused to help and told Shah to call 15. At this point, he called the number thrice and with no response, he ran to find a QRF van on campus that immediately helped the situation.

According to Samaa TV, the student, Saifullah, killed himself because he had failed in his exams and was not performing well in school. He had apparently been further expelled from his school due to these issues.

He asked everyone around him to let him go peacefully and for people to not investigate his death. He also stated that the suicide was not due to depression, or pressure and that it was his own choice and own way to go.

All of this is making us point finger not just at our education system but our society and the parents as well. What made him take his life ? why could not he just walk up to his parents to talk about the issues going on? Why couldn’t he just walk straight to the higher authorities of the university to solve his issue?

Mental health is becoming one of the major issues of our society our education system and our parents need to understand pressurizing your children is not the right way give them all the space needed and keep the eye on them at the same time. Parenting is not something that can be taught it’s in built one should just know how to do what.

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