Adnan Siddiqui On Sexual Harassment.

Adnan Siddiqui has been a part of the industry from quite some time now, he’s not just a fine actor but a decent man who knows how to make a point when needed. This time he spoke up on sexual harassment. He shared his thoughts on an Instagram post.

Talking about those speaking up, he stated:

“While some of them took a really long time to speak up, I must say it’s a very brave step. I think it requires immense courage to speak against such crimes. We’re progressing and growing then why not work towards making the world free of sexual abuse and harassment. ”

He ended the note by saying “Women are the torch bearers of tomorrow” along with Faiz Ahmed Faiz poetry “Bol, ke lab azzad hai tere, bol, zabaan ab tak teri hai…” #empoweredwomen #saynotoabuse.

We all as a society should know the right time to stand for the wrong happening staying quite is not the solution it is further increasing this heinous act of crime and not being punished.



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