#MakeMySize is Every Plus Size Girl’s Voice

Shop till you drop is the supposedly the life motto of every girl as the society claims it to be. Certainly it is fun to get some new clothes and accessories and bling up your wardrobe every now and then. However, we, girls are very well aware of how hard it is to find something that fits us and flaunts our body as well. It is a real struggle and the story of every girl; finding the perfect size!

Katie Sturino, who runs the fashion blog The 12ish Style, has started the hashtag #makemysize, which is set up to openly call out brands for not making more inclusive clothing sizes for women on the heavier side. Sturino started the hashtag after an online clothing order she received was full of clothing that didn’t fit. She took to her Instagram account to bring attention to her all-too-common problem.

#Whatfatgirlsactuallywear is trending and we support it

About time someone called out these labels for this. It is absurd how one outlet’s size 12 is the other brand’s size 14. Cherry on top, ordering something online is a huge risk for one just does not will the size fit.

The blogger started  posting on Instagram and highlighting her other incredibly popular hashtag, #SuperSizeTheLook, Katie shared her motivation for starting #MakeMySize: This #SuperSizeTheLook includes bit of a rant…I polled you guys and 97% of you felt that there were not enough cute clothes in your size. (see stories) @huntermcgrady and I are both wearing a US16 and I can’t tell you the frustration when I’m shopping (and I’m a blogger! In NYC!) So while I applaud brands who are making changes to include more sizes, I’m going see if we can work together to let other designers know that they have a whole demographic that wants to shop. Please tag a brand you wish made your size below! I’m starting the #MakeMySize Movement!”

Thus, the movement began and the12ishstyle blogger did not hesitate to post her pictures in clothes that did not fit.

Clothing lines for curvy women 

Katie is not scared to call out any brand, “@zara is at the top of the #MakeMySize list bc they have been making me feel bad in the fitting room for year.” How many women have felt this way in the trial room, how many tears have been shed because girls could not fit in their dream dress. Many heart breaks in every trying room.

The music industry has a song for big butts but unfortunately the fashion industry does not cater to those butts. How sad is that?

What is wrong if a plus size woman wants to wear a skirt and blouse?

Plus size Pakistani girl’s diary 

Curvy women finding their right size in one go is a myth.

Going shopping with your friend is fun? Sure.


We hope the fashion industry takes notice.


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