Qavi Khan To Star In Hollywood’s “Forbidden Steps”

Legendary TV and film actor Qavi Khan is all set to feature in upcoming Hollywood film titled Forbidden Steps. Khan, who has been busy shooting for the film in USA returned to Pakistan yesterday.

Expressing his excitement and gratitude, sharing his experience in a interview“I am so humbled to have been chosen to be part of such a big project, especially at this age. It was a true honour for me,” stated Khan. “I don’t have a habit of boasting but I consider this to be a huge achievement and am very proud.”
Speaking of working in the film, he continued, “I am so grateful to have had the ability to learn so much and I’m happy to have polished my acting skills during my time in America.”

”The most important thing I learnt was the essence of punctuality and commitment. Although I have spent my whole life being punctual, people in Hollywood take it to another level.

He shared his experience of cast and crew’s talent and even drew a comparison of Pakistan’s film industry and Hollywood. “I will surely implement all the skills their cinema has provided me,” mentioned Khan.

Sharing how the Hollywood opportunity came to him, Khan stated, “Someone within the American film industry contacted me to discuss the script. I was immediately impressed and thus, agreed to work.”

The renowned star concluded with the hope that, although Hollywood has an array of films already present, Forbidden Steps will be a good addition.
Best of luck to him for his upcoming project.

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